Post London 2007 Mailing

N1230 2007/04/23 Stoughton, Liasion report
N1231 2007/04/26 Stoughton, Draft minutes
N1232 2007/04/26 Plum, Vulnerability, Safety, Security, and Quality
N1233 2007/04/26 Wong, Towards support for attribute-like syntax
N1234 2007/04/28 Benito, Rationale to change ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 Program of Work for TR 24727 to IS 24747
N1235 2007/05/18 Benito, TC III
N1236 2007/05/18 Benito, Preliminary Agenda for October 2007
N1237 2007/05/24 Myers, Proposed wording for DR314
N1238 2007/05/24 Myers, Proposed wording for DR340
N1239 2007/05/24 Myers, Proposed wording for DR341
N1240 2007/05/25 Wakker, April 2008 meeting information