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Do not add value_exists and value_or to C++23


Drop the value_exists and value_or helpers from P1841 and only adopt the numeric traits that are the core of the proposal.


[P1841R1] (Wording for Individually Specializable Numeric Traits) proposes to add:

  template <template<class> class Trait, class T>
    constexpr bool value_exists = requires { Trait<T>::value; };

(The paper actually says see below and doesn't provide the definition, but it probably should provide it as above.)

During review of P1841R1 LWG wanted to know why value_exists is used as value_exists<foo, T> rather than value_exists<foo<T>>. Why is the proposed design that the value_exists template "applies" the non-type template argument to the second template argument? The following seems simpler to understand for non-expert users:

  template <class T>
    constexpr bool value_exists = requires { T::value };

With this alternative API you would say value_exists<signaling_NaN<float>> not value_exists<signaling_NaN, float>.

LWG also noted that the proposed API for value_or uses the argument type as the return type, so that value_or<finite_min, double>(1) is rounded to int. This is surprising.

On the LEWG reflector I asked whether there is any rationale for the proposed design of value_exists, and whether we need this utility at all. There was support for dropping value_exists and value_or from the proposal.


[P0437R1] (Numeric Traits for the Standard Library) introduced the value_exists utility, but didn't justify the API choice. It also pointed out that the adoption of [P0266R1] (Lifting Restrictions on requires-Expressions) would make it unnecessary. P0266R1 was adopted at the Issaquah 2016 meeting.

In San Diego the LEWG discussion of P0437R1 included:

"value_exists belongs in compile-time programming support"

"has value_or — if not exists, use arg. usefully coupled, but separable."

Want value_exists?
0 5 6 0 1

That is quite weak support. There is no record in the minutes (or that I recall from that session) about the proposed API.

Proposed change

I propose that we drop the value_exists and value_or helpers from P1841 and only adopt the actual numeric traits. If we want the metaprogamming helpers, they can be added separately at a later date.