Document number	 N3377=12-0067
Date	         2012-02-24
Project	         Programming Language C++
Reference        ISO/IEC IS 14882:2011(E)
Reply to         Stefanus Du Toit

C++ Editor's Report, February 2012

N3376 is the latest C++ draft specification. It applies the voted-in motions from the February 2012 meeting in Kona.

Summary of changes

The following Core Working Group issues from N3330 were incorporated:

CWG1251, CWG1282, CWG388, CWG729, CWG1329, CWG1262, CWG1296, CWG1275, CWG1298, CWG1350, CWG535, CWG1345, CWG1336, CWG462, CWG1250, CWG1306, CWG1357, CWG1327, CWG1308, CWG1288, CWG1295, CWG1301, CWG1093, CWG1355, CWG1333, CWG1226, CWG577, CWG482, CWG1297, CWG1347, CWG1346, CWG292, CWG1265, CWG539, CWG1369, CWG1366, CWG1365, CWG1364, CWG1313, CWG1311, CWG1293, CWG1340, CWG1305, CWG483, CWG597, CWG1003, CWG1352, CWG1362, CWG1260, CWG712

The following Library Working Group issues from N3318 were incorporated:

LWG2102, LWG2096, LWG2069, LWG2067, LWG2065, LWG2064, LWG2061, LWG2053, LWG2050, LWG2047, LWG2045, LWG2044, LWG2039, LWG2033, LWG2028, LWG2021, LWG2015, LWG2010, LWG2009, LWG1214

The proposed changes in paper N3346, Defect Report: Terminology for Container Element Requirements - Rev 1, were incorporated.


Thanks to Mike Miller, Daniel Krügler and Alisdair Meredith for their review comments.

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