Pre London 2007 Document List

N1203 2006/12/15 Tydeman, Possible Defect Report: Missing semantics of comparision macros
N1204 2006/12/15 Tydeman, Possible Defect Report: _Bool bit-fields
N1205 2007/01/09 Stoughton, TR 24731 Part II: Dynamic Allocation Functions
N1206 2007/02/28 Stoughton, Possible Defect Report: tmp_max
N1207 2007/02/28 Stoughton, Possible Defect Report: bufsiz
N1208 2007/03/09 Peterson, Possible Defect Report: C99 seems to exclude indeterminate value from being an uninitialized register
N1209 2007/03/21 Seacord, CERT C Programming Language Secure Coding Standard (DRAFT)
N1210 2007/03/21 Seacord, Possible defects in ISO/IEC TR 24731-1
N1211 2007/03/26 Benito, Agenda - London 2007
N1212 2007/03/26 Peterson, Miscellaneous edits to N1201 decimal TR
N1213 2007/03/26 Peterson, limiting _Decimal32 functionality
N1214 2007/03/26 Peterson, floating-point model for decimal
N1215 2007/03/26 Peterson, strtodxx, scanf, and printf specification to support 754R
N1216 2007/03/26 Peterson, problems with TTDT
N1217 2007/03/26 Peterson, TR 24732 terminology should be more consistent with IEEE 754R
N1218 2007/03/26 Peterson, component extraction
N1219 2007/03/26 Peterson, encode/decode functions to manage alternate encodings
N1220 2007/03/23 Myers, Variably modified compound literals
N1221 2007/03/23 Myers, Composite types for variable-length arrays
N1222 2007/03/23 Myers, [*] in abstract declarators
N1223 2007/03/23 Myers, VLAs and conditional expressions
N1224 2007/03/23 Myers, Initializing qualified wchar_t arrays
N1225 2007/03/26 Meyers, TR 24731-1
N1226 2007/03/26 Meyers, Regarding DR 314
N1227 2007/03/20 Kwok, Comments on N1201
N1228 2007/03/23 Mak, Lack of a portable way to code fpclassify
N1229 2007/03/26 Stoughton, Potential Extensions For Inclusion In a Revision of ISO/IEC 9899