ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 pre-Kona-2003


N1014   08-Aug-2003     Benito,  WG14 Business Plan and Convener's Report

N1015   01-Sep-2003     Tydeman, Function prototype with [restrict]

N1016   01-Sep-2003     Mak, Extension for the programming language C to support decimal floating-point arithmetic

N1017   01-Sep-2003     Tydeman, FLT_EVAL_METHOD, extra precision and/or range

N1018   22-Sep-2003     Benito, Agenda for October 21-24, 2003

N1019   12-Sep-2003	SC22, N3608 - Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3574

N1020	24-Sep-2003	Wakker, Disposition of Comments for SC 22 N3574

N1021	24-Sep-2003	Wakker, Final text for TR 18037.

N1022	09-Sep-2003	Plauger, Meeting information April 2004

N1023	09-Sep-2003	Plauger, Proposed Special Math functions.

N1024   09-Sep-2003	Plauger, Corrections to requirements on inexact floating-point exceptions

N1025	18-Sep-2003	Benito, Use of the word variable.

N1026   15-Sep-2003	SC22, N3649 - Summary of Voting for SC 22 N 3579

N1027	22-Sep-2003	WG20, Working Draft 15435 (Internationalization APIs)

N1028	22-Sep-2003	Benito, C locale, Narrative Cultural Specification

N1029	22-Sep-2003	Benito, C Standard Locale

N1030	22-Sep-2003	SC22, Summary of Voting on SC 22 N 3210, Letter Ballot on C Locale for  Registration with ISO/IEC 15897

N1031	26-Sep-2003	Meyers, Specification for secure C Libray functions.