ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 pre-Copenhagen

                        ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 - C
                             DOCUMENT REGISTRY
                           (pre Copenhagen 1998)

Number  Date                Description		

N820	15-Apr-98	Feather, Splitting Annex G

N821	20-Apr-98	SC22 Secretariat, Summary of voting of CD 9899

N822	01-May-98	Feather, Formal Theory of Sequence Points

N823	15-May-98	MacDonald, Addressing DR166 -- lvalue constraints.

N824	15-May-98	MacDonald, Improved words for function inlining

N825	15-May-98	MacDonald, Problems with undefined behavior

N826	21-May-98	Thomas, Floating-Point Items

N827	22-May-98	Jones, Editor progress report

N828	22-May-98	Jones, Committee Draft (1

N829	26-May-98	Tydeman, DR 63 (and 56): Floating-Point accuracy

N830	28-May-97	Jaeschke, Meeting Agenda 22-26 June 1998

N831	29-May-98	Gwyn, UCN Revision

N832	29-May-98	Meyers, Response to PC-US0002

N833	29-May-98	Meyers, printf/scanf modifiers for inttypes abstract types

N834	29-May-98	NCITS, US Public Comments on CD1

1) This document is not included in the mailing.  This document is on the restricted web site.