Defect Report #127

Submission Date: 03 Dec 93
Submittor: WG14
Source: Ron Guilmette
ANSI/ISO C Defect Report #rfg34:
Subject: Composite type of an enumerated type and an integral type.
Given the declarations:
enum E { red, green, blue } object;
int object;

and given an implementation for which the type int is considered to be compatible with the type enum E, what is the composite type of object at the end of the translation unit which contains the above declarations?
Subclause says:
Each enumerated type shall be compatible with an integer type; the choice of type implementation-defined.
Subclause says:
A composite type can be constructed from two types that are compatible; ...
For an identifier with external or internal linkage declared in the same scope as another declaration for that identifier, the type of the identifier becomes the composite type.
See Defect Report #013, Question 3. There is no requirement that the composite type be unique, and either of the types could be chosen as the composite type.
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