Defect report summary for C11
Version 1.6

Date: April 2014
Defect Summary Date Status
dr_400 realloc with size zero problems 04/2013 Closed
dr_401 "happens before" cannot be cyclic 10/2012 Closed
dr_402 memory model coherence is not aligned with C++11 10/2013 Closed
dr_403 malloc() and free() in the memory model 10/2012 Closed
dr_404 joke fragment remains in a footnote 10/2012 Closed
dr_405 mutex specification not aligned with C++11 on total order 10/2013 Closed
dr_406 Visible sequences of side effects are redundant 04/2014 Open
dr_407 SC fences do not restrict modification order enough 04/2014 Open
dr_408 intra-thread synchronization 04/2013 Closed
dr_409 f(inf) is inf being a range error 10/2013 Closed
dr_410 ilogb inconsistent with lrint, lround 04/2013 Closed
dr_411 Predefined macro values 02/2012 Published
dr_412 #elif 04/2013 Closed
dr_413 initialization 04/2014 Review
dr_414 typos in 6.27 threads.h 04/2013 Closed
dr_415 Missing divide by zero entry in Annex J.2 04/2013 Closed
dr_416 Proposed defect report regarding tss_t 04/2014 Review
dr_417 Missing entries in Annex J 04/2013 Closed
dr_418 fmod(0.,Nan) and fmod(Nan, infinity) 04/2013 Closed
dr_419 What the heck is a "generic function"? 10/2013 Closed
dr_420 syntax error in specification of for-statement 04/2013 Closed
dr_421 initialization of atomic_flag 04/2014 Closed
dr_422 initialization of atomic types 04/2014 Closed
dr_423 underspecification for qualified rvalues 04/2014 Open
dr_424 underspecification of tss_t 04/2014 Review
dr_425 no specification for the access to variables with temporary storage 10/2013 Closed
dr_426 G.5.1: -yv and -x/v are ambiguous 04/2014 Review
dr_427 Function Parameter and Return Value Assignments 04/2014 Open
dr_428 runtime-constraint issue with sprintf family of routines in Annex K 04/2014 Closed
dr_429 Should gets_s discard next input line when (s == NULL) ? 04/2014 Review
dr_430 getenv_s, maxsize should be allowed to be zero 04/2014 Closed
dr_431 atomic_compare_exchange: What does it mean to say two structs compare equal? 04/2014 Open
dr_432 Is 0.0 required to be a representable value? 04/2014 Closed
dr_433 Issue with constraints for wide character function 04/2014 Review
dr_434 Missing constraint w.r.t. Atomic 04/2014 Review
dr_435 Missing constraint w.r.t. Imaginary 04/2014 Review
dr_436 Request for interpretation of C11 6.8.5#6 04/2014 Review
dr_437 clock overflow 04/2014 Open
dr_438 ungetc / ungetwc and file position after discarding push back 04/2014 Open
dr_439 Issues with the definition of “full expression” 04/2014 Open
dr_440 Floating-point issues in C11 from PDTS 18661-1 UK review, Issue 1 04/2014 Open
dr_441 Floating-point issues in C11 from PDTS 18661-1 UK review, Issue 2 04/2014 Review
dr_442 Floating-point issues in C11 from PDTS 18661-1 UK review, Issue 3 04/2014 Open
dr_443 Floating-point issues in C11 from PDTS 18661-1 UK review, Issue 4 04/2014 Open
dr_444 Issues with alignment in C11, part 1 04/2014 Open
dr_445 Issues with alignment in C11, part 2 04/2014 Open
dr_446 Use byte instead of character for memcmp, memcpy 04/2014 Review
dr_447 Boolean from complex 04/2014 Review
dr_448 What are the semantics of a # non-directive? 04/2014 Review
dr_449 What is the value of TSS_DTOR_ITERATIONS for implementations with no maximum? 04/2014 Open
dr_450 tmpnam_s clears s[0] 04/2014 Open
dr_451 Instability of uninitialized automatic variables 04/2014 Open
dr_452 Effective Type in Loop Invariant 04/2014 Open
dr_453 Atomic flag type and operations 04/2014 Open
dr_454 ATOMIC_VAR_INIT (issues 3 and 4) 04/2014 Open
dr_455 ATOMIC_VAR_INIT issue 5 04/2014 Open
dr_456 Compile time definition of UINTN_C(value) 04/2014 Open
dr_457 The ctime_s function in Annex K defined incorrectly 04/2014 Open
dr_458 ATOMIC_XXX_LOCK_FREE macros not constant expressions 04/2014 Open
dr_459 atomic_load missing const qualifier 04/2014 Open
dr_460 aligned_alloc underspecified 04/2014 Open
dr_461 problems with references to objects in signal handlers 04/2014 Open
dr_462 Clarifying objects accessed in signal handlers 04/2014 Open
dr_463 Left-shifting into the sign bit 04/2014 Open