Defect Report #404

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Submitter: Batty
Submission Date: 2011-10-14
Source: WG 14
Reference Document: N1584
Version: 1.1
Date: February 2012
Subject: joke fragment remains in a footnote


C11 seems to have inherited part of a joke from C++, which ought to be removed or made whole and annotated as such. Originally, C++0x had the footnotes:
"Atomic objects are neither active nor radioactive" and "Among other implications, atomic variables shall not decay".
The first is pretty clearly a joke, but it's not obvious that the second doesn't have some technical meaning, and that is the one that remains in C11 in 7.17.3p13.

Suggested Technical Corrigendum

See above.
Oct 2011 meeting

Committee discussion

Feb 2012

Proposed Technical Corrigendum

In 7.17.3 Paragraph 13, remove footnote 256.

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