ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N649

          X3 Subgroup Annual Report 1996 --- WG14 N649  X3J11/97-012       1

                                                       WG14 N649
                       X3 Subgroup Annual Report  
                       March 1996 to February 1997  
                       TC X3J11 (C Language)   
               Tracking I project, Defect Reports, and Production of TR  
       1. Executive Summary 
       X3J11 assisted SC22/WG14 with the on-going processing of Defect
       Reports and the ISO C revision project known informally as C9X.
       2. Projects 
       Project 381-RI 
       [a.]  Project Number and Title: 381-RI Programming Language C
       (Revision of ANSI/ISO/IEC 9899:1990).  [authorized by
       [b.]  Target Date: December, 1998.
       [c.]  Project Description: Assist SC22/WG14 in development of
       the revision.  The project involves the following: folding
       amendment 1 and technical corrigenda into the standard proper;
       the addition of new features to support on-going user
       requirements and developments in technology; new
       internationalization requirements; and requirements imposed by
       other cross-language standards (such as language-independent
       [d.]  Publications During Past Year: None.
       [e.]  Statement of Progress: 
       While we have continued to process defect reports, we still have
       a small backlog.
       Most of our time was spent debating proposals for the revision. 
       More proposals arising out of our earlier technical report have
       been or are about to be adopted.
       We continue to supply the redactors for the revision project and
       the rationale document.
       The February, 1997, meeting will be a major milestone for two
       reasons; First, that is the last meeting for papers on new
       topics that affect the language and preprocesor, and second, we
          X3 Subgroup Annual Report 1996 --- WG14 N649  X3J11/97-012       2

       will be making our first technical and editorial pass over the
       complete draft standard.  The intent then is to spend the
       following two meetings finalizing the document.
       Over the year, excellent progress was made.  Membership and
       interest was high with several new members becoming elligible to
       3. Committee Activities 
       [a.]  Previous Year's Meetings: June '96 Amsterdam, The
       Netherlands; October '96 Toronto, Canada; February '97 Kona,
       [b.]  Next Year's Planned Meetings: June '97 London, UK; October
       '97 Silicon Valley, California; February '98, Boulder, Colorado.
       To best utilize the considerable technical expertise available in
       X3J11, X3J11 and SC22/WG14 will continue to hold co-located
       meetings. Two out of every three meetings will be located in
       North America.
       [c.] Officers:
       Chair                           Vice-Chair
       Rex Jaeschke                    Tom MacDonald    
       2051 Swans Neck Way             Silicon Graphics, Inc.
       Reston, VA 20191                655F Lone Oak Drive      
                                       Eagan, MN 55121  
       Last trained: mid-92            Last trained: mid-92      
       International Representative    Vocabulary Representative         
       Douglas Walls                   Seymour, William A
       Sun Microsystems                Apt. D 
       SunSoft, Inc.                   10072 Puttingtom Drive
       MS UMPK16-303                   St Louis, MO 63123-5233 
       2550 Garcia Avenue
       Mountain View, CA 94043-1100            
       Last trained: --                Last trained: --
       [d.]  Membership:
       JOHN BENITO                     COLIN MCPHAIL
       SUITE 130                       15-17 ALVA STREET
       3004 MISSION STREET             EDINBURGH EH2 4PH
       SANTA CRUZ CA 95060             SCOTLAND
       408-457-3916                    RANDY MEYERS                    DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORP 
          X3 Subgroup Annual Report 1996 --- WG14 N649  X3J11/97-012       3

                                       M/S ZK02-3/N30
       JOSEPH BIBBO                    110 SPIT BROOK RD 
       COMPUTRITION INC                NASHUA NH 03062 
       PO BOX 99                       603-881-2743 
       NUTTING LAKE MA 01865-0099      603-881-0120 
       OLIVER BRADLEY                  DAVE MOONEY
       SAS CAMPUS DRIVE                1B/812/1150/TOR
       CARY NC 27513                   1150 EGLINTON AVENUE EAST
       919-677-8000                    NORTH YORK ONTARIO M3C 1H7
       919-677-8123                    416-448-4474
       GREG COMEAU                     ALLIE MURPHY 
       COMEAU COMPUTING                UNISYS CORP
       91-34 120Th STREET              PO BOX 203 
       RICHMOND HILL NY 11418          2476 SWEDESFORD ROAD 
                                       PAOLI PA 19301 
       STAN COX                        610-648-4690 
       DATA GENERAL CORP               610-648-4624 
       919-248-6385                    IBM CORPORATION
       919-248-6108                    3T/962/1150/TOR              1150 EGLINTON AVENUE EAST
                                       NORTH YORK ONTARIO M3C 1H7 
       FRED CRIGGER                    CANADA
       POWERSOFT/WATCOM                416-448-2714
       415 PHILLIP STREET              416-448-4414
       ONTARIO CANADA N2L 3X2          C.D. PIERCE
       519-886-3700                    US ARMY
       519-747-4971                    MNGMT ENGINEERING TRAINING
                                       ATTN: AMXOM-PA
       FRANK FARANCE                   ROCK ISLAND IL 61299
       FARANCE INC                     703-664-4882
       555 MAIN STREET 
       NEW YORK NY 10044-0150          P.J. PLAUGER
       212-486-4700                    DINKUMWARE LTD
       212-759-1605                    198 MAIN STREET               CONCORD MA 01742
       MATS FORS                       508-371-9014
       IAR SYSTEMS AB        
       PO BOX 23051
       ISLANDSGATAN 2                  THOMAS PLUM
       S-75023 UPPSALA SWEDEN          PLUM HALL INC                PO BOX 44610
                                       KAMUELA HI 96743
       CRAIG FRANKLIN                  808-882-1255
       GREEN HILLS SOFTWARE            808-882-1556
       510 CASTILLO STREET   
          X3 Subgroup Annual Report 1996 --- WG14 N649  X3J11/97-012       4

       SANTA BARBARA CA 93101
       805-965-6044                    TOM ROBINSON
       ROGER GOLLIVER                  SUITE 210
       INTEL CORP                      4699 OLD IRONSIDES DRIVE
       M/S JF3-363                     SANTA CLARA CA 95054
       2111 NE 25Th AVENUE
       HILLSBORO OR 97124-5961         WILLIAM RUGOLSKY
       503-264-7104                    FARANCE INC
       502-264-7902                    100 S BAY AVENUE
       rogerAibeam. Intel coin         FREEPORT NY 11520
       DOUGLAS GWYN                    RICHARD RUSSELL
       US ARMY                         MICROWARE SYSTEMS
       801-L CASHEW COURT              1900 NW 114TH STREET
       BEL AIR MD 21014                DES MOINES IA 50325
       410-278-6651                    518-224-1929
       MARK HOERTH                     HERB SCHILDT
       HEWLETT-PACKARD CO              398 COUNTY ROAD 2500N
       M/S 42U5                        MANOMET IL 61853
       11000 WOLFE ROAD                217-586-4997
       CUPERTINO CA 95014-0184         217-586-4683
       408-447-0184              ROBERT SCHMIDT
       REX JAESCHKE                    3543 167TH COURT NE
       2051 SWANS NECK WAY             REDMOND WA 98052
       RESTON VA 20191                 206-881-6990
       703-860-3008                    PETER SEEBACH                  3949 LYNDALE AVENUE SOUTH
                                       MINNEAPOLIS MN 55409
       M/S LJ02                        APT D
       30 PORTER ROAD                  10072 PUTTINGTON DRIVE
       LITTLETON MA 01460              ST LOUIS MO 63123-5233
       508-486-2179                    314-923-2416
       SCOTT.JAMESON@LJO.DEC.COM       314-340-2212
       BOB JERVIS 
       M/S UMTV12-40                   TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC
       2550 GARCIA AVENUE              M/S 6431
       MOUNTAIN VIEW CA 94043-1100     PO BOX 1443
       415-336-7964                    HOUSTON TX  77001
       415-964-0946                    713-274-3495       713-274-2558
       JANIS JONNEON                   JIM THOMAS
       15450 SW KOLL PARKWAY           SUNNYVALE CA 94087
          X3 Subgroup Annual Report 1996 --- WG14 N649  X3J11/97-012       5

       BEAVERTON OR 97006-6063         408-447-5781
       501-578-5458                    JTHOMAS@BEST.COM
                                       FRED TYDEMAN
       LAWRENCE JONES                  MEISENWEG 20
       SDRC                            71032 BOBLINGEN GERMANY
       2000 EASTMAN DRIVE              49-7031-288964
       MILFORD OH 45150 
       513-576-2070                    TRUMAN VAN SICKLE
                                       MOTOROLA INC
       DAVID KEATON                    12254 HANCOCK STREET
       KEATON CONSULTING               CARMEL IN 46032
       #311                            317-571-7011
       1630 30TH STREET 
       BOULDER CO 80301                DOUGLAS WALLS
       719-687-3577                    SUN MICROSYSTEMS INC
                                       M/S UMPK16-303
       JOHN KWAN                       2550 GARCIA AVENUE
       HEWLETT-PACKARD CO              MOUNTAIN VIEW CA 94043-1100
       19447 PRUNERIDGE AVE            415-786-9319
       CUPERTINO CA 95014    
                                       JEFF ZEEB 
       JOHN LEVINE                     DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORP 
       I.E.C.C.                        ZKO 2-3/N30
       PO BOX 640                      110 SPIT BROOK ROAD 
       TRUMANSBURG NY 14886            NASHUA NH 03062                  603-881-2070 
       FRANCIS LYNCH                   FRED ZEMKE
       PLUM HALL INC                   ORACLE CORPORATION
       827 BEACON DRIVE                BOX 659408
       SCHAUMBURG IL 60193             500 ORACLE PARKWAY
                                       REDWOOD SHORES CA 94065
       TOM MACDONALD                   415-506-2051
       SILICON GRAPHICS INC            415-506-7203
       655F LONE OAK DRIVE   
       EAGAN MN 55121 
       612-683-5818                    JONATHAN ZIEBELL
       612-683-5307                    UNISYS CORP                    M/S MV-1222 
                                       25725 JERONIMO ROAD 
       NELSON MATTOS                   MISSION VIEJO CA 92691-2792 
       DEPT K55/B1
       650 HARRY ROAD
       SAN JOSE CA 95120
       [e.]  Liaison Activities: 
          X3 Subgroup Annual Report 1996 --- WG14 N649  X3J11/97-012       6

       SC22/WG14 (ISO C): assist with revision of C standard. 
       X3J16:  coordinate issues common to C/C++.
       X3T2: learn more about their work and the impact of supporting 
           language-independent arithmetic in C9X).
       [f.]  Administration Matters of Note: None.
       [g.]  Procedural Matters of Note: None.
       [h.]  Recommendations: None.
       [i.]  Market Impact: No comment.
       4. Anticipated Projects 
       None beyond continuing with the revision process and Defect
       5. Future Trends in this Technical Area 
       The vast majority of the participants on X3J11 and SC22/WG14
       believe an enhanced C language has a significant role to play in
       future software development. The evolution and acceptance of
       Standard C++ may well affect future revisions of C, as will
       other standardization efforts such as internationalization and
       cross-language standards and bindings. At this stage it is too
       soon to predict just what the future standardization
       requirements for C will be be once C9X has been adopted. To be
       sure, there are competing technologies, not the least of which
       is the Java (TM) programming language, increasingly being used
       for the development of stand-alone and window-based programs,
       which in recent years, have been the domain of C and C++.