ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N610

                                                 WG14/N610 X3J11/96-0074
                    Process Review, Status, and Future Plans
                             Rex Jaeschke, X3J11 chair
         1) Charter: Our charter calls for us to have finished by the end
         of calendar year 1996, the main technical outline of C9X.
         Judging by the number of papers promised but not yet delivered
         or those postponed beyond the Toronto meeting, we still have
         non-trivial proposals to consider beyond this meeting.  However,
         the big question is ``When will we stop accepting proposals for
         new topics?" We need to address that question at this meeting.
         My proposal is that we no longer accept papers that have a
         substantive affect on the language and preprocessor, after the
         Kona meeting, unless they are directly related to work already
         in progress at or before that meeting.
         2) Stagnant Topics: The following action items/papers have been
         idle for at least two or three meetings. I suggest we either
         drop them now or find a new sponsor who promises faithfully to
         have a paper for the Kona meeting.
           Signed Integer Division, final words [N___] (Gwyn)
           __FUNC__ Predefined Identifier [N___] (Mooney)
           Deprecate Implicit int in declarations [N___] (Gwyn)
           Miscellaneous small Improvements [N___] (Gwyn)
           Rationalize Character [set] Support [N___] (Gwyn)
           // comments Support [N___] (Gwyn)
           Augment sprintf [N430 ???] (Gwyn)
           Replacement for strtok [N429] (Bostic)
         3) Deferred Topics: The following papers have been deferred
         until the Kona meeting.
           Make ungetc undefined at start of file [N604] (Farance)
           Review LIA-1 binding and LID binding [N___] (Farance)
           Integer promotion rules [N606] (Farance, Meyers)
           Extended trigraphs [N605] (Farance)
         4) Complete Review of Draft: I propose that a new draft of the
         Standard be issued in the pre-Kona mailing and that it contain
         everything agreed to upto and including the Toronto meeting.
         Each of us will look over it carefully BEFORE the Kona meeting
         where we will go over it page by page. Once we have identified
         any outstanding issues, we'll direct the project editor to make
         any required changes and vote to adopt the draft as amended as
         our next base version. (I propose we do the same with the
         rationale but probably not until a year or so later.)
                   Process Review, Status, and Future Plans                2

         5) Document Numbers and Mailing Submissions: The process of
         finding out just what documents were really going to be in the
         pre-Toronto mailing and what numbers those documents would have
         went very badly. This made it difficult to pull together the
         Toronto agenda at all, let alone in a timely fashion. It also
         unduly complicated the job of pulling together the mailing. In
         future, John Benito and I expect people to abide by the
         submission deadlines agreed upon at each meeting.