Pre Santa Clara Mailing

Doc # Date Author Title
N1314 2008/06/11 Benito Convener's report.
N1315 2008/07/14 Boehm Rationale for the C++ working paper definition of "memory location".
N1316 2008/07/21 Tydeman Conversion between pointers and floating types.
N1317 2008/07/21 Tydeman New macros for <float.h>.
N1318 2008/07/21 Tydeman longjmp() from signal handler.
N1319 2008/07/21 Tydeman Adding EPOLE to math library functions.
N1320 2008/07/21 Tydeman Integrating C89 Defect Report 25 into C1x.
N1321 2008/07/21 Tydeman Split FLT_EVAL_METHOD into operations and constants.
N1322 2008/07/21 Tydeman Translation-time expression evaluation.
N1323 2008/07/21 Tydeman Pure imaginary types with classification macros.
N1324 2008/07/13 Plum Changing some undefined behavior into ill-formed.
N1325 2008/08/02 Plauger Adding threads to the C Standard Library.
N1326 2008/08/01 Benito Adding TR 19769 to the C Standard Library.
N1327 2008/08/05 Plauger Abandoning a Process (adding quick_exit and at_quick_exit).
N1328 2008/08/05 Kwok March 2009 meeting information.
N1329 2008/08/11 Nelson Thread-local storage.
N1330 2008/08/06 Plum Static Assertions.
N1331 2008/08/06 Plum Critical Undefined Behavior.
N1332 2008/08/07 Plum and Bijanki Encoding and Decoding Function Pointers.
N1333 2008/08/07 Plum Unicode and Raw String Literals.
N1334 2008/08/11 Benito Agenda for September 2008.
N1335 2008/08/11 Bijanki Adding Alignment Support to C
N1336 2008/08/11 Jones Updated WD.
N1337 2008/08/10 Stoughton WDTR 24731-2.
N1338 2008/08/10 Stoughton More Thoughts on Implementing errno as a Macro.
N1339 2008/08/11 Seacord Extensions to the C1X library to enhance security
N1340 2008/08/11 Plauger Extensible Generic Math Functions
N1341 2008/08/12 Stoughton Austin Group Comments on N1287