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Aardvark Submittal Form

This form to be used for submitting a bug report against the following:

Austin Group draft four documents dated 31 July 2000. Please note that bug reports against other drafts may be ignored.


Please read the overview of the Aardvark bugeater mechanism prior to submitting any bug reports.

You may also wish to read the bug reports filed to date.

Bug reports can be sent in by:

  1. Using this form. This allows you to submit single bug report items.
  2. Directly by email using the specified format. This is recommended if you have a bulk submission of bug reports. A C tool aardy.c is provided to automatically format comments. It is also possible to create comments in your favorite editor. See the aardvark pages for more information.

If this is really a bug in an underlying POSIX standard, please also submit a defect report to PASC

Section A - Originator Details

Please insert your name:

Please insert your organization (typically company/organization name):

Please insert your email address:

Section B - Bug Information

1: Please select the document name:

Please insert the page, line number and section number/name (use 0 if global).

2: page number: 3: line number:
4: section number/name (can be interface name):

5: Please select the bug category:
Help on bug categories.

6: Please insert your reference number:
7: Please describe the problem in the box below. Be sure to add sufficient explanation for someone not familiar with the problem to make a decision.

8: Please describe the desired action to be taken in the box below. Be specific.

9: Once you are sure the information is correct you can submit the request. If all of the required fields have been completed your request will be automatically mailed to the reflector.