ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22 N2525

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 17:32:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: "william c. rinehuls" <>
Subject: SC22 N2525 - List of SC22 Standing Documents

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Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
Secretariat:  U.S.A.  (ANSI)


July 1997

List of JTC 1/SC22 Standing Documents

Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22


Please note that this document will be considered under Agenda Item 6.3 at
the August 1997 SC22 Plenary.

Replaces List contained in document SC22 N2450 and N2500

List of SC22 Standing Documents

To SC22 Member Bodies, WG Conveners and HODs for review.

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SC 22 Management Documents 

N2451         04/97
Secretariat's Report
N2452  04/97
Programme of Work
N1236  09/92
Procedures for Handling Defect Reports
N1493  04/94
Policies for Management of Cross-Language Issues            
N1967  09/95
Rationale for the Inclusion of Paragraph Numbers in SC22 Standards    
N1997  09/95
Paragraph Numbers in SC22 Standards

SC 22 Resolutions

N2301  10/96
Ninth Plenary in London, United Kingdom, 09/96
N1970  09/95
Eighth Plenary in Annapolis, Maryland, USA, 09/95           
N1706  09/94
Seventh Plenary in The Hague, The Netherlands, 09/94
N1496  10/93        
Sixth Plenary in Paris, France, 09/93
N1242  09/92
Fifth Plenary in Ellivuori, Finland, 09/92
N1053  09/91
Fourth Plenary in Vienna, Austria, 09/91
N720   10/89
Third Plenary in Berlin, Germany, 09/89
N406   10/87
Second Plenary in Washington, DC, 09/87                
N169   12/85
First Plenary in Paris, France, 11/85 

JTC 1 Documents

Available from ISO/IEC ITTF - 1995
Procedures for the technical work of ISO/IEC JTC 1 on Information  
Technology, Third Edition
N2377  01/97
JTC 1 Scope, Mission, Principles and Objectives
N2408  02/97
Modification to DIS Balloting Procedures 
N1911  08/95
PAS Transposition Management Guide
N1917  08/95
Modified Procedures for Project Editors of Fast-Track Documents  
N1945  09/95
Approved Changes to the JTC 1 Directives, Edition 3, Simultaneous NP and  
CD Ballot Procedure
N1946  09/95
Procedures for the Technical Work of JTC 1, Edition 3 - Supplement 1:  
Transposition of Publicly Available Specifications into International
N1947  09/95
Procedures for the Technical Work of JTC 1, Edition 3 - Supplement 2:  
Guidelines for API Standardization
N2122  04/96
Guidelines for JTC 1 SCs on the Normative Referencing of Specifications
Other Than Standards in JTC 1 International Standards
N2382  01/97
Revised JTC 1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution
N2366  01/97
Transition Plan for Implementation of Information Technology
N2415  02/97
JTC 1 NP Acceptance Criteria
N2416  02/97
Business Plan for JTC 1 or JTC 1/SCs - Outline and Templates
N2434  03/97
ISO Policies for Copyright Notificiation and for Distribution of ISO
Documents Electronically for the Preparation of Standard
N2432  03/97
ISO Council Decision on the JTC 1 Proposal on Freely Available Access to  
WDs and CDs (Council Resolution 21/1997)
N2512  07/97
JTC 1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution Using the World Wide Web
N2513  07/97
JTC 1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution Using Diskettes and E-Mail  
N2514  07/97
JTC 1 IT Implementation Timeline                                   
Last JTC 1 Plenary

N2365  01/97
SC22 Chairman's Report on JTC 1 Plenary
N2381  01/97
JTC 1 Plenary Resolutions

Next SC22 Plenary

N2453  04/97
Draft Agenda

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