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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 1996 16:09:31 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Document SC22 N2313 - Venue/Agenda for WG4 Meeting

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Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
Secretariat:  U.S.A.  (ANSI)


October 1996

TITLE:                Venue Notice and Draft Agenda for SC22/WG5
                      (Fortran) Meeting on February 10-14, 1997 in
                      Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

SOURCE:               Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22

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DOCUMENT TYPE:        Venue Notice and Agenda

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Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5

February 10-14, 1997

Sunrise Suites, 4575 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV  89121, USA

The next meeting of WG5 will be held at the Sunrise Suites Hotel in Las
Vegas, NV, USA from 10th to 14th February 1997.  Details of booking and
travel arrangements appear overleaf.

This is a joint meeting with ANSI/X3J3, and is a full meeting of each
committee.  It will be chaired by the Convenor of WG5, with the Chairman of
X3J3 as vide-chairman of the meeting.

The primary purpose of the meeting is to complete the preparatory work for
Fortran 2000 that was begun in Dresden, and to continue with the technical
work in some of the key areas.  In addition, it is hoped to complete any
remaining technical work on the Technical Report on Interoperability
between Fortran and C prior to its submission for PDTR registration and
approval, and on Part 3 of the Fortran Standard (Conditional Compilation)
prior to its submission for CD registration and approval.

Non-technical work will be kept to a minimum at this meeting (see
Preliminary Agenda, WG5 N1233) and, wherever possible, will be dealt with
by means of written reports which will not be discussed.

The major part of the meeting will be conducted in technical subgroups,
based on those established in Dresden, with subgroup heads being chosen
equally from WG5 and X3J3.

The meeting will be conducted according to a tight timetable, which will be
confirmed during the opening business on Monday February 10th, and all
participants are therefore encouraged to keep their contributions short and
to the point.  A "guillotine" will operate in Plenary sessions, if
necessary, in order to limit discussion and keep to the timetable.

Heads of delegations are reminded that both the Convenor and the host (via
the local contact, Mallory North - see overleaf) should be informed of the
members of their delegations no later than one month before the start of
the meeting.

Further information is available on WG5's World Wide Web pages (URL:
http//, or may be obtained directly from the
Convenor, Dr Miles Ellis, at <>.

Meeting of SC22/WG5 in Las Vegas, February 10-14, 1997

Meeting Location:  Courtyard Room
                   Sunrise Suites
                   4575 Boulder Highway
                   Las Vegas
                   NV  89121

Accommodation:     Sunrise Suites
                   4575 Boulder Highway
                   Las Vegas
                   NV  89121

                   Tel: +1 (702) 434-0848    (from outside North America)
                        (800) 362-4040       (from North America, toll free)

                   Fax: +1 (702) 434-2513

A block of rooms has been reserved at a special rate of $40 per night
(single or double), plus 8% tax.  When making reservations the key word
"X3J3" should be mentioned to obtain this special rate.  In case of
difficulty in making a reservation, you should ask to speak with the Sales
Manager, Valerie Troisi.  Reservations should be secured by a credit card,
but may be cancelled up to 48 hours before arrival without penalty.
Reservations cancelled with less than 48 hours notice are subject to a
penalty charge of one night's room rate, plus tax.

Note that bookings must be made before January 6th;  the rooms cannot be
guaranteed after this date.

Travel Arrangements:

Las Vegas is accessible by many airlines from most major North American
airports.  International travellers will have no difficulty in arranging
connecting flights from their point of arrival in the United States.

The Sunrise Suites operates a regular shuttle to and from the airport, and
delegates arriving at Las Vegas airport should call the hotel on (702)
434-0848 as soon as they have collected their luggage to arrange to be
picked up by the next available shuttle and taken to the hotel.

Local Contact:  This WG5 meeting is hosted by ANSI, with Mallory North
acting as the local organizer.

He can be contacted as shown below:

        Dr. C. Mallory North, Jr.
        Professor of Mechanical Engineering
        Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
        5500 Wabash Avenue, Campus Box 150
        Terre Haute
        Indiana 47803

        Tel:    +1 (812) 877-8216
        Fax:    +1 (812) 877-3198


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                            Preliminary Agenda

Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5

February 10-14, 1997

Sunrise Suites, 4575 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV  89121, USA

              Monday, February 10     0830 - 1730
              Tuesday, February 11    0830 - 1730
              Wednesday, February 12  0830 - 1730
              Thursday, February 13   0830 - 1730
              Friday, February 14     0830 - 1730

Note that this meeting is a joint meeting with ANSI/X3J3, and is a full
meeting of each committee.  It will be chaired by the Convenor of WG5, with
the Chairman of X3J3 as vice-chairman of the meeting.

The major item of business is the finalisation of the content for the next
revision of Fortran (Fortran 2000), and the commencement of technical work
on some of the items therein.  A substantial part of the meeting will be
devoted to working in subgroups, with subgroup heads chosen equally from
the WG5 and X3J3 membership.  In order to expedite matters, it is not
intended to have any discussion of agenda items preceded by an asterisk,
which will be the subject of written reports only.  Moreover, it is
intended to operate the meeting to a detailed timetable, which will be
confirmed under agenda item 2.6.

1.      Opening of the Meeting:  8.30 am, February 10, 1997

2.      Opening business
        2.1     Introductory remarks from the Convenor
        2.2     Welcome from the Hosts
        2.3     Local arrangements
        2.4     Appointments for this meeting
        2.5     Meeting objectives
        2.5     Adoption of the Agenda
        2.6     Approval of the Minutes of the Dresden Meeting

3.      Matters arising from the minutes

*4.     Status of Dresden Resolutions

5.      Reports
        5.1     SC22 Matters (Convenor)
        *5.2    National Activity Reports (Heads of Delegations)
        5.3     Report from Primary Development Body (X3J3 Chair)
        5.4     Reports from other Development Bodies (Editors/Heads)
        *5.5    Liaison Reports

*6.     Defect Management Issues
        6.1     Fortran 90
        6.2     Fortran Part 2 - Varying Length Strings
        6.3     Fortran Part 1 - Fortran 95

7.      Processing of Technical Reports and other Standards
        7.1     TR on Interoperability with C
        7.2     Fortran Part 3 - Conditional Compilation

8.      Requirements for Fortran 2000
        8.1     Internationalization Issues
        8.2     Work in subgroups

9.      Any other Technical Items

10.     Closing Business
        10.1    Future meetings
        10.2    WG5 Strategic Plan
        10.3    Any other business

11.     Adoption of Dresden Resolutions

12.     Adjournment:  5.30 pm, February 14, 1997

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