Services on local server

By Keld Simonsen v0.6 1999-04-17


The local server is hosted on the address It runs DHCP and to connect to it you need to do:

Services provided

These services are currently provided: Things you cannot do (currently)


Try first if you can ping
Then try if you can ping outside - ping
then try the nameserver - ping

The outside telephone link may be lost from time to time, and thus your download mail or telnet session. Then please try again.


The local area network is not accessable from the global Internet, but your machine is visible to others on the LAN. Please note that being on a network can compromise your security. For example be careful that you do not expose your disks publically to others. The IP numbers 172.16.*.* are reserved for use by networks that are not connected to the global Internet, and in this way nobody from outside can get to the LAN.

Also people on the local area network may listen on the LAN to get privileged information from you, for example passwords for your mail or other access information like telnet logins. Solutions may be to use secure transmission methods such as ssh and shttp for privileged information.

Server requirements

The server may be running on a intel pentium box running linux redhat 5.2 with some extra configuration. The major technologies used are DHCP and IP masquerading and IP forwarding for the network to run just over one external telephone line. The telephone line may be provided via a 28.800 bps modem, and this configuration seems to provide adequate facilities for a LAN of say 40 machines - doing external email and some document retrieval and web browsing.

A description of the setup is available.