H Rapporteur Group (HRG) New Work Item

This New Work Item has been reviewed by the HRG and extensively revised at the meeting in February 1997. This is the write-up that is being submitted to WG9 for processing by SC22.

                       PROPOSAL FOR A NEW WORK ITEM

            Date of presentation of proposal:       TBD
            Proposer:                               WG9
            Secretariat:                            SC22 
            ISO/IEC      JTC:                       1

A proposal for a new work item shall be submitted to the secretariat of the 
ISO/IEC joint technical committee concerned, with a copy to the ISO Central 

Presentation of the proposal  -  to be completed by the proposer

Guidelines for proposing and justifying a new work item are given in ISO Guide 
26.  For ease of reference an extract is given overleaf.

Title (subject to be covered and type of standard, e.g. terminology, method of 
test, performance requirements, etc.)

 Guidance for the use of Ada in High Integrity Systems 

Scope (and field of application)

 Guidance on the use of the Ada programming language ISO/IEC 8652
         (the Ada95 Reference Manual) within systems which require high
         integrity in the software.

Purpose and justification - attach a separate page as annex, if necessary

 To ensure those producing high integrity applications
         can do so with confidence by following internationally
         agreed guidelines.  

Programme of work

If the proposed new work item is approved, which of the following document(s)  
is (are) expected to be developed?

     _ _     a single International Standard

     _ _     more than one International Standard (expected number: ____)
     _ _     a multi-part international Standard consisting of ____ parts
     _ _     an addendum or addenda to the following International Standard(s)  
     _X_     a technical report, type  3 ...........................

Relevant documents to be considered

      Background paper: High Integrity Ada.

Cooperation and liaison

 Informal liason has been established with a number of international
         and national groups in the area of high integrity systems. It is not
         thought that formal liason is needed with any specific ISO group
         (other than SC22/WG9, of course).

Preparatory work offered with target date(s)

 First working draft in November 1997. DIS by November 1998.




Will the services of a maintenance agency or registration authority be required?

                        yes ____        no __X__

        If yes, have you identified a potential candidate:      N/A

        If yes, indicate name:  ........................................... 

   Are there any known requirements for coding?

                        yes ____        no __x__

      If yes, please specify on a separate page:

   Does the proposed standard concern known patented items?

                        yes ____        no __x__

      If yes, please provide full information at annex:         N/A

Comments and recommendations of the JTC secretariat - attach a separate page as 
annex, if necessary

   Comments with respect to the proposal in general, and recommendations thereon
   It is proposed to assign this new item to SC


Voting on the proposal

Each P-member of the ISO/IEC joint technical committee has an obligation to vote
within the time limits laid down (normally three months after the date of 

        Date of circulation  _______________

        Closing date for voting _______________

        Signature of the JTC secretary _______________

FORM 3 (ISO/IEC) See overleaf

[note => overleaf defines contents of fill-in-the-blanks above.]

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