2020 Library Evolution Report

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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 14882: Programming Language — C++

This report summarizes the activities of C++'s Library Evolution group from 2020-02 through 2020-10. It is split into two sections; one focused on execution (process, logistics, and operations) and one focused on technical work (papers we processed, etc).

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1. Execution

1.1. Telecons

Since 2020-04, Library Evolution has held a 90 minute telecon twice a week to review papers. Typically, 1 or 2 papers are reviewed at each telecon.

More details on how we use telecons can be found in [P2145R1].

# of Telecons 29
# of Papers Reviewed On Telecons 38
Mean Telecon Attendance 31.7
Total # of Attendees 132
Mean Telecons Per Attendee 7
Median Telecons Per Attendee 3

1.2. Mailing List Reviews

Over the summer, we began conducting reviews of papers on the Library Evolution mailing list. We conduct 2 to 3 reviews concurrently, and each review lasts for a few weeks.

Mailing list reviews are critical to our operations, as they allow us to increase our paper-processing bandwidth without increasing the frequency or duration of telecons. Additionally, certain classes of papers tend to be particularly well suited for mailing list reviews, such as new proposals which tend need feedback, not decision making.

More details on how we use mailing lists can be found in [P2145R1].

# of Papers Reviewed On The Mailing List 14

1.3. Electronic Polling

In 2020-10, we began the polling period for our first slate of Library Evolution electronic straw polls. We believe electronic straw polls are the best option for Library Evolution to make decisions given our current process. They ensure that all stakeholders have an opportunity to participate.

More details on electronic polling can be found in [P2195R0].

1.4. Chair Guide

We have developed a Library Evolution chairing guide, which can be found on the Library Evolution GitHub wiki.

1.5. Staff

Library Evolution is organized by a team, not a single individual:

Team leadership has a number of benefits:

We hold a regular staff meeting every two weeks to discuss our operations and make plans for the future.

Additionally, the following noble individuals take minutes for Library Evolution, and deserve accolades:

2. Technical

2.1. Plenary Approved Priorities

2.1.1. Executors

During the Summer of 2020, Library Evolution conducted an extensive review of [P0443R13] Executors. Six review groups were formed, each of which focused on a particular aspect of the proposal and then wrote a report with their findings which was presented at a telecon:

Additionally, we reviewed the following papers relating to Executors at telecons:

In 2020-10, we started taking electronic polls on Executors; the results are expected in 2020-11.

2.1.2. Networking

Work on Networking has been proceeding in the Networking Study Group, not Library Evolution. We hope to begin a Library Evolution review of Networking for C++23 in the first half of 2021.

We did review [P2161R2] (Remove Default Candidate Executor), which proposes changes to the Networking Technical Specification. In 2020-10 we began electronic polling to advance this paper.

2.1.3. Coroutines Library Support

In the Spring of 2020, we discussed the roadmap for Coroutines Library Support at a Library Evolution telecon. We also discussed the following papers at telecons:

No further work on Coroutines Library Support occurred after the Spring of 2020 due to a lack of new papers and a lack of revisions of existing papers. This plenary-approved priority is at risk of missing C++23 unless authors actively drive the work.

2.1.4. Standard Library Modules

In the Spring of 2020, we discussed the existing proposal for Standard Library Modules ([P0581R1]) as well as a paper discussing the merits of modularizing the Standard Library ([P2172R0]).

No further work on Standard Librarhy Modules occurred after the Spring of 2020 due to a lack of new papers and a lack of revisions of existing papers. This plenary-approved priority is at risk of missing C++23 unless authors actively drive the work.

2.2. Other Highlights

2.2.1. Formatting and Printing

We reviewed a proposed output counterpart to std::format, [P2093R1] (Formatted Output). The response was positive and we expect to see additional work in this area.

Additionally, a few papers proposing additions or fixes to std::format are on our agenda for 2020-11 telecons:

2.2.2. Ranges

In 2020-10, we will begin reviewing a group proposal suggesting a set of range features for C++23, [P2214R0], at Library Evolution telecons.

We reviewed the following ranges papers at telecons:

We reviewed the following ranges papers on the mailing list:

2.2.3. Text and Unicode

Work on Text and Unicode primarily occurs in the Text and Unicode Study Group, however a few papers are advancing to Library Evolution.

In 2020-11, we will begin a mailing list review of [P1885R3] Naming Text Encodings to Demystify Them.

2.2.4. Freestanding

We reviewed a set of coupled papers proposing a reorganization and enhancement of freestanding on Library Evolution telecons:

In 2020-11, we’ll be reviewing a revision of [P1642R4] at a telecon.

2.3. Other Work

The following papers were reviewed at Library Evolution telecons and in 2020-10 we started electronic polls to forward them to Library Working Group:

The following papers were reviewed at Library Evolution telecons:

The following papers were reviewed on the mailing list:


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