Language Evolution status after Belfast 2019

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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 14882: Programming Language — C++


This paper is a collection of items that language Evolution has worked on in the latest C++ meeting, their status, and plans for the future.

1. Executive summary

Most time was spent in ballot resolution for C++20, to address National Body comments in [N4844].

2. Work highlights

Language Evolution received roughly 100 National Body comments. We did at least one round of discussion on all of these comments.

3. National Body comment details

Miscellaneous NB comments:

using enum:

Non-type template parameters:



Undefined Behavior:

Modules: seen by SG2, mostly accepted their recommendations.


Feature test macros:

All addressed by [P1902r1].

4. C++23 discussions

We started discussing a few papers which could make it to C++23.

5. Near-future EWG plans

There will still be some ballot resolution work in Prague, to address comments which we discussed but haven’t resolved in Belfast. There will be no further ballot resolution after Prague.

Ballot resolution will likely take a small portion of our time. Once that is done, Language Evolution will switch into full C++23 mode, likely following the plans outlined in [P0592r3]. These plans were discussed in multiple groups and received strong support.


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