Doc. No.: P1259R0
Date: 2018-10-08
Reply to: Detlef Vollmann,
Audience: SG1, LEWG, WG21

Merge most of Networking TS into C++ Working Draft


The Networking TS grew out of Boost::ASIO and has got a lot of usage experience as part of Boost and in standalone implementations of the TS. Most of the Networking TS is uncontroversial.

One specific part of the Networking TS however clashes with the executor work in SG1. The executor work from SG1 is not yet ready to be merged into the C++ working paper. So this part of the Networking TS should not be merged. But most of the Networking TS can work without an explicitly specified executor model. This paper proposes to merge the executor independent parts of the Networking TS into the C++ working paper and solve any open issues on the Networking TS inside the C++ working paper.

Wording Overview

The proposal is to merge the Networking TS into the C++ working paper with the following changes: