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ProjectProgramming Language C++, WG21
Reply-toMarshall Clow <>

LWG Chair post-meeting report


This is meant to be an ongoing paper, with a series of reports, capturing the information provided by the LWG chair during the plenary session at the previous meeting.

R0: Jacksonville, March 6-11, 2018


LWG entered the week with a large backlog of papers; somewhere around 55. We may have exited the week with a larger backlog than we started, since other groups have sent us many papers during the week. Our throughput was limited this week because we spent the first two days of the meeting on two (very large) papers; P0214 (Data-parallelism) and P0355 (calendar support). Fortunately, we completed our review, the authors turned the changes around, and we moved both of them.

Notable Accomplishments

Discussed, but did not move

Future work

In plenary, I asked for a show of hands for people who would be willing to attend an extra "LWG-only" weeklong session in the late summer. About 14 people raised their hands. Assuming that we can find a venue (and a sufficient number commit to attend), we will have an extra meeting this summer.

We have been processing issues on the reflector; mostly with prioritization, but more and more, we're trying to solve them there. I expect this to continue. Of course, all resolutions will be proposed and voted on in formal meetings.