N4787 Editor’s Report: C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals, Version 3

Date: 2018-11-13

Thomas Köppe, Editor (Google DeepMind) <tkoeppe@google.com>

Change history and motions

There have been two motions since the previous revision:

Editorial changes

The feature test macro table has been reordered to match the clause structure.

Commit history

From the draft sources on GitHub.

commit 2c5e2dcbecf58657a2ccf72df26b10af8fbf530c Author: Thomas Köppe <tkoeppe@google.com> Date: Tue Nov 13 20:42:44 2018 +0000 [general.feature.test] Reorder feature test entries to match clause structure. The [utilities] clause was reorganised in 587379108d73ae79ff5d613e12e697f0f3775e91.
commit c612bb98827ec2be054e6eae1682359dbbd459b3 Author: Thomas Köppe <tkoeppe@google.com> Date: Mon Nov 12 23:38:47 2018 +0000 P1210R0 Completing the Rebase of Library Fundamentals, Version 3, Working Draft
commit 8c264c46cdae699d2e3ac95541e5a709a566e1b5 Author: Thomas Köppe <tkoeppe@google.com> Date: Mon Nov 12 23:21:06 2018 +0000 P1224R0 LWG2960 nonesuch is insufficiently useless