Project: Programming Language C++
Document Number: WG21/P0523R1
Date: 2017-03-01
Author: Detlef Vollmann,
Target audience: SG1, LWG

P0523R1: Wording for CH 10: Complexity of parallel algorithms

Proposed wording

In 25.2.5 [algorithms.parallel.overloads] add another paragraph after p2:

Unless otherwise specified, the complexity requirements of ExecutionPolicy algorithm overloads are relaxed from the complexity requirements of the overloads without as follows:
When the guarantee says "At most expr" or "Exactly expr" and doesn't specify the number of assignments or swaps, and expr isn't already an O-Notation, the complexity of the algorithm shall be "O(expr)".

In 25.4.4p4 [alg.transform], change:

Complexity: Exactly last1 - first1 applications of op or binary_op. This requirement also applies to the overload with an ExecutionPolicy.


Thanks to Pete Becker for help with the wording.