PL16.22 2017-07 Toronto Minutes

ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG21 N4692 — 2017-08-03

Jonathan Wakely,

July 10 - July 15, 2017 - Toronto, ON, Canada

Chair: Clark Nelson

Opening activities (Monday 9:00)

1. Opening comments, welcome from host

2. Meeting guidelines

Every participant is responsible for understanding and abiding by the INCITS Antitrust Guidelines and Patent Policy and the ISO Code of Conduct.

3. Membership, voting rights, and procedures for the meeting

The chair requests that prospective PL22.16 members inform the chair (Nelson) or vice-chair (Spicer) that they are present.

3.1 US participants attending their first meeting:

3.2 Those attaining voting rights at this meeting:

3.3 Those losing voting rights for failure to attend this meeting:

3.4 Those who are now in jeopardy to lose voting rights for failure to attend this meeting. Must attend the next meeting:

3.5 US participants who have attended past meetings and are not members of INCITS / PL22.16

4. Agenda review and approval (PL22.16 motion)

Agenda is in a revision of N4662, posted on the wiki.

Clow moved to adopt the agenda, Dawes seconded.

Approved by unanimous consent.

5. Approval of the minutes of the previous meetings

Meeting Minutes
WG21 Kona N4654
PL22.16 Kona N4655
WG21 pre-Toronto administrative telecon N4676

Adlestein-Lelbach moved to accept the PL22.16 Kona minutes, Alday seconded. Approved by unanimous consent.

Monday Morning - Friday Afternoon: WG21 sessions

The WG and SG chairs must arrange for any proposals to be written up in the form of a motion, and made available by 8:00 PM Friday.

Review of the meeting (Saturday 8:30 AM)

WG and SG status and progress reports. Presentation and discussion of proposals to be considered for consensus adoption by full WG21.

Closing activities (Saturday 11:16)

PL22.16 motions, if any


Plans for the future (PL22.16)

Next and following meetings

Other meetings not finalized


Deadline for papers is 14:00 UTC.


Clow moved to adjourn. Hedquist seconded.

Plenary concludes at 11:40 AM


The column "WG21" designates official PL22.16 or WG21 status ("P", "A", "E", "M")

The column "PL22.16" indicates organizations eligible to vote by "V", and advisory membership by "A".

PL22.16 members

Company / Organization NB Representative WG21 PL22.16
Amazon Louis Dionne P V
Amazon John McFarlane
AMD Siu Chi Chan
Apple Duncan Exon Smith A
Apple CA JF Bastien A
Apple Tim Northover A
Apple Bruno Cardoso Lopes A
Argonne National Lab Hal Finkel P V
Bloomberg John Lakos P V
Bloomberg UK Alisdair Meredith A
Bloomberg UK Dietmar Kühl A
Bloomberg David Sankel A
Bloomberg Alexander Beels
Brown Walter E. Brown E
Cisco Systems Lars Gullik Bjønnes P V
Edison Design Group John H. Spicer P V
Edison Design Group Daveed Vandevoorde A
Edison Design Group Jens Maurer A
Edison Design Group William M. Miller A
EPAM Systems Inc Mateusz Pusz P
Facebook Louis Brandy P V
Facebook Eric Niebler A
Facebook Lee Howes A
Facebook Maged Michael A
Facebook Nathan Sidwell
FlightSafety International Billy Baker P V
Google Chandler Carruth A V
Google Geoffrey Romer A
Google Hans Boehm A
Google James Dennett A
Google Jeffrey Yasskin A
Google UK Richard Smith A
Google Thomas Koeppe
Google Titus Winters A
Google Gennadiy Civil v
GrammaTech Inc, Aaron Ballman P V
GreenWireSoft Juan Alday P V
IBM Paul E. McKenney P V
IBM CA Hubert Tong A
IBM CA Shuo Feng Liu
Intel Clark Nelson P V
Intel Pablo Halpern A
Intel Erich Keane
Lawrence Berkeley Bryce Adelstein-Lelbach P V
Lawrence Berkeley Brian Van Straalen A
Lawrence Livermore James Frederick Reus P V
Linden Research, Inc. Nat Goodspeed P V
Los Alamos National Laboratory S. Davis Herring A
Louisiana State University Hartmut Kaiser P V
LTK Engineering Alan Talbot P V
Microsoft Jonathan Caves P V
Microsoft Gabriel Dos Reis A
Microsoft Herb Sutter A
Microsoft Gor Nishanov A
Microsoft Andrew Pardoe A
Microsoft Casey Carter A
Microsoft Billy R. O'Neal III
MongoDB Adam Martin P V
MongoDB Nathan Myers A
Morgan Stanley Bjarne Stroustrup P V
NVidia Jared Hoberock A V
NVidia Olivier Giroux A
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Graham Lopez P
Oracle Maxim Kartashev A V
Perennial Barry Hedquist P V
Perennial Beman G. Dawes A
Plum Hall FI Ville Voutilainen A
Programming Research Group Christof Meerwald A V
Qualcomm Marshall Clow P V
Red Hat Torvald Riegel A V
Ripple Labs Howard E. Hinnant P V
Sandia National Labs Carter Edwards P V
Sony Computer Entertainment Michael Spencer A V
Symantec Mike Spertus P V
Synopsys Thierry Lavoie P V
Synopsys Tom Honermann A
University of Akron Andrew Sutton P V

Participating non-members

Company / Organization NB Representative
Codeplay CA Michael Wong
Mozilla CA Botond Ballo
Christie Digital CA Tony Van Eerd
Université de Sherbrooke CA Patrice Roy
CERN CH Axel Naumann
Vollmann Engineering CH Detlef Vollmann
HSR CH Peter Sommerlad
CH Mauro Bianco
University Carlos III ES J. Daniel García
CryptoTec FI Mikael Kilpeläinen
FR Loïc Joly
Symantec UK Dinka Ranns
PDT Partners UK Jeff Snyder
UK Roger Orr
Jetbrains UK Timur Doumler
Allan Deutsch
KEWB Computing Bob Steagall
Canada Seneca Chris Szarwinski
Faisal Vali
Creative Assembly Guy Davidson
Blizzard James Touton
University of Nice Jean-Paul Rigault
Numscale Joel Falcou
Graphcore Jon Chesterfield
Tanium Lisa Lippincott
VMWare Mark Zeren
Matt Calabrese
Melissa Mears
Nokia Michał Dominiak
Michael Park
Bob Taco Industries Michael McLaughlin
Michael Young
Nicolai Josuttis
University of Windsor Paul Preney
KCG Holdings Robert Douglas
Xilinx Ronan Keryell
Nokia Vicente J. Botet Escriba
ARM Will Deacon
Yander Alexsander [illegible]
Cadence Zach Laine