has_unique_object_representations - wording

Michael Spencer <bigcheesegs@gmail.com>
Audience: LWG


Wording for P0258R1.

Proposed Wording

20.10.2 Header <type_traits> synopsis [meta.type.synop]

Add to synopsis.

template <class T> struct has_unique_object_representations; Type properties [meta.unary.prop]

Add to table 52 - Type property predicates.

Template Condition Preconditions
template <class T> struct has_unique_object_representations; For an array type T, the same result as has_unique_object_representations<remove_all_extents_t<T>>::value, otherwise see below T shall be a complete type, (possibly cv-qualified) void, or an array of unknown bound.

Add a paragraph

The predicate condition for a template specialization has_unique_object_representations<T>::value shall be satisfied if and only if:

The set of scalar types for which this condition holds is implementation defined. [ Note: If a type has padding bits, the condition does not hold; otherwise, the condition holds true for unsigned integral types. —end note ]