Document number: N4473

Ville Voutilainen

noexcept(auto), again


Ever since C++14 shipped, there has been occasional requests for noexcept(auto). This paper provides some rumination hoping that we might reconsider it for C++17.


Vendors of generic libraries tend to find it painful that they have to repeat the expressions in a function body in their noexcept-specification. When that need arises, such library authors

I can't pretend to know what the implementation burden for this feature truly is. But one concern that has been raised by Vandevoorde was how to handle statements and declarations, rather than expressions. Consider

int f() noexcept(auto)
    X x;;;
    return 42;

I believe the concern was how to deduce the noexceptness of the definition of x, including the hidden initialization expressions in it. The question I have is whether this is any different from deciding whether such a function can be used in a constant expression, because the code in it may well be valid in a constant expression with the relaxed rules in C++14.

There may certainly be concerns about overuse, misuse and abuse of such a facility. But there are certainly cases where the bulleted list above applies, and the resulting code would be *much* simpler and nicer with noexcept(auto) than without it.

The ultimate question

Do we think the valid and reasonable uses of noexcept(auto) are important enough that we should standardize it?