N4139 Editor's Report -- Programming Languages -- C++

Richard Smith
Google Inc


Special thanks to Stefanus Du Toit, the project editor for C++14, for all his efforts in editing and maintaining the specification.

Thanks to Stephan T Lavavej and Jonathan Wakely for identifying some issues that should be fixed for the C++14 IS and providing fixes for them.

New Papers

Editorial Fixes

A log of all editorial fixes made since the C++14 DIS, N3937, is below:

commit d79ad597b5adc9b974cf3797a13c06744a5745e8
Author: Jonathan Wakely <cxx@kayari.org>
Date:   Tue Aug 5 11:40:22 2014 +0100

    [futures.overview] Add ArgTypes... to swap declaration.

    Fixes #336

commit ebde1852e7a28cf4d6b7639d265d09002828bf75
Author: Jonathan Wakely <cxx@kayari.org>
Date:   Tue Aug 5 12:10:46 2014 +0100

    [func.bind.bind] Fix "template parameter back" typo.

    Fixes #316

commit 013e01f0ed9aec1c48fca4832b3e4e681c1e070d
Author: Jonathan Wakely <cxx@kayari.org>
Date:   Mon Jun 30 11:10:09 2014 +0100

    [atomics.syn] Replace comma with period

    Reported by Stephan T. Lavavej.  Fixes #340

commit 6512d97e065f198a41c178e9d80054106ffc3d2b
Author: Jonathan Wakely <cxx@kayari.org>
Date:   Wed Aug 6 11:11:29 2014 +0100

    [atomics.syn] Fix typo by replacing ')' with '_'

    Fixes #359

commit 5208210796f28b72f958c3e39696c2280ce133e1
Author: Richard Smith <richard@metafoo.co.uk>
Date:   Tue Aug 26 13:30:12 2014 -0700

    JP 11: [thread.mutex.requirements.general] Remove outdated sentence.

    This sentence directly contradicts several other portions of the
    standard, and does not reflect the intended meaning.

commit c20b92c72d8c8d03cceef4ac736e0664b4c73c71
Author: Richard Smith <richard@metafoo.co.uk>
Date:   Mon Aug 25 17:59:02 2014 -0700

    [multiset.cons] Add missing parameter type.

    Fixes #189.

commit 4321702e8e78bed6071a2a26881f04d1fa19c361
Author: Richard Smith <richard@metafoo.co.uk>
Date:   Mon Aug 25 17:19:50 2014 -0700

    JP 06: [dcl.constexpr] Remove incorrect example.

    Also fixes #370.

commit 62734eb44fab555448e2997d5897450c1f567d97
Author: Richard Smith <richard@metafoo.co.uk>
Date:   Mon Aug 25 16:53:32 2014 -0700

    Fix to 2013-09 LWG Motion 7:

    [comparisons] Fix incorrect application of N3789 to the working paper:
      - Add 'constexpr' to
      - Reorder 'bool constexpr' to 'constexpr bool' in

    Also fixes 14882:2014 DIS JP 08, fixes 14882:2014 DIS JP 09, fixes #291.