Document number N4108
Date             2014-07-02
Project          Programming Language C++
Reference        ISO/IEC IS 14882:2011(E)
Reply to         Artur Laksberg
                 Microsoft Corp.

Concurrency TS Editor's Report, July 2014


N4107 is the new Working Paper of the Concurrency TS. It is based on N3970 with Chapter 2 (Executors and Schedulers) removed, as per the Committee ballot at Rapperswil.

As part of this change, the new then overloads taking the executor parameter are no longer applicable. Also, because the new async overload taking an executor is no longer being proposed, the section about the function template async at the end of the document has been removed. As a visual aid to the reader, these changes have been highlighted in color.

The document has no other changes compared to N3970.

The full history of changes can be traced at