Document Number: N4106
Date:            2014-07-04
Project:         Programming Language C++
Project Number:  TS 19570
Reply-to:        Jared Hoberock
                 NVIDIA Corporation

Parallelism TS Editor's Report, post-Rapperswil

N4104 is the latest Parallelism TS Working Draft. It contains changes to the Parallelism TS as directed by the committee at the Rapperswil meeting.

N4104 updates the two previous drafts, N4071 (published during the Rapperswil meeting) and N3989 (published in the pre-Rappersil mailing).

Like N3960, N4106 is presented as a revision to N3960 since it incorporates the following technical changes created during the Rapperswil meeting.

N4105 is document N4104 reformatted as a PDTS ballot document.

Technical Changes

Editorial Changes