Dynarray Semi-Editorial Issues

ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG21 N4050 - 2014-05-26

Lawrence Crowl, Lawrence@Crowl.org


Wording changes Class template dynarray overview [dynarray.overview] dynarray constructor and destructor [dynarray.cons]


N3691 Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++ had some semi-editorial issues and hence N3820 Working Draft, Technical Specification — Array Extensions has them as well.

Wording changes

The proposed wording changes are relative to N3820 Working Draft, Technical Specification — Array Extensions). Class template dynarray overview [dynarray.overview]

Relational operators cannot be constant-time complexity. In the third paragraph, edit as follows.

All operations except construction, destruction, relational operators, and fill shall have constant-time complexity. dynarray constructor and destructor [dynarray.cons]

The specification for the initializer_list constructor is missing. Before the allocator variants of the constructors, add the following specification.

dynarray(initializer_list<T> il)

Requires: T shall meet the CopyConstructible requirements.

Effects: Allocates storage for distance(il.begin(), il.end()) elements. Copies the contents of il into the dynarray. May or may not invoke the global operator new.