Editor’s Report

Document numberN2961=09-0151
ProjectProgramming Language C++
ReferenceISO/IEC IS 14882:2003(E)
Reply toPete Becker
Roundhouse Consulting, Ltd.

N2960=09-0150, Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++, contains the working draft for the standard, with the following changes made since the pre-Frankfurt Working Draft, N2914=09-0104:

Removing Concepts

Concepts have been removed from the working draft except in two areas. Random number generators and allocators are being done separately. Other than that, any remaining references to concepts are errors. Please point them out to me so I can fix them for the post-meeting mailing.

Frankfurt Motions

I didn’t do N2924, Implicitly-deleted Special Member Functions. This paper reapplies some post-concepts changes that are not related to concepts. Since I didn’t undo those changes, the changes in the paper weren’t needed.

I didn’t apply Library issue 970. The text it applies to went away with the removal of concepts, and, although it ought to be restored, I haven’t done that yet. See post-meeting mailing.


My thanks to the following people, who pointed out typographical, linguistic, logical, and syntactic errors in drafts with concepts removed:

My apologies to anyone whose name didn’t get on this list. Any omissions are entirely accidental.