SD-1 09-0000R2 2009 PL22.16/WG21 document list Clark Nelson
SD-2 09-0001R2 ISO WG21 and INCITS PL22.16 membership list Clark Nelson
SD-5 WG21 and PL22.16 (C++) Joint Mailing and Meeting Information P.J. Plauger
N2872 09-0062 Ensuring Certain C++0x Features "just work" Beman Dawes
N2873 09-0063 C++ Standard Library Active Issues List (Revision R64) Howard Hinnant
N2874 09-0064 C++ Standard Library Defect Report List (Revision R64) Howard Hinnant
N2875 09-0065 C++ Standard Library Closed Issues List (Revision R64) Howard Hinnant
N2876 09-0066 Directed Rounding Arithmetic Operations (Revision 1) G. Melquiond, S. Pion
N2880 09-0070 C++ object lifetime interactions with the threads API H.-J. Boehm, L. Crowl
N2881 09-0071 Base Class Aliases for The-C++-After-0x J. Widman, T. Ottosen