Doc. No.: WG21/N2516
Date: 2008-1-31
Reply to: Hans-J. Boehm
Phone: +1-650-857-3406

N2516: Threads API Review Committee Report

The review committee, created by Motion 14 at the Kona meeting, approved, by a vote of 4 to 2, the inclusion of the threads API proposal as revised by the editing committee ( N2497) for inclusion of the working paper.

We thank the authors and editing committee for their prolonged effort and careful attention to detail.

The remaining areas of concern were:

  1. The inclusion of a simplified time and duration API, in spite of an earlier decision to postpone a full API to TR2. Unfortunately these notions are needed by the condition variable API, and are thus not easily separable.
  2. The inclusion of a timed_mutex class. For reasons motivated by cross-platform implementability, the API here diverges from Posix. There is some doubt that this interface is sufficiently important, and the interfaces on which this is based are sufficiently used, that we should be making such a controversial decision in time for C++0x.
  3. The treatment of native_handle.
There is a consensus that the above issues warrant further discussion in LWG. However, the majority is either satisfied with the current solutions, or feels that it was beyond our committee's charter to address them, since the controversy affects the substance of N2447, as conditionally approved by the full committee, and is not concerned with details of the wording.

We expect further proposals on these issues to be forthcoming.

The majority feels that it is useful to include the threads API in the working paper at this stage, in that it facilitates more timely adjustments in other parts of the standard, even if some relatively isolated sections require later adjustment. We would apologize to the editor for the added churn, except that he is one of us.