Editor’s Report

Document numberN2370=07-0230
ProjectProgramming Language C++
ReferenceISO/IEC IS 14882:2003(E)
Reply toPete Becker
Roundhouse Consulting, Ltd.

N2369=07-0229, Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++, contains the working draft for the standard, with the following editorial changes made since the pre-Toronto Working Draft, N2315=07-0175:

My thanks to the following people, who pointed out typographical, linguistic, logical, and syntactic errors throughout various versions of the working drafts: Alan Talbot, Alisdair Meredith, Beman Dawes, Clark Nelson, Daveed Vandevoorde, Doug Gregor, Howard Hinnant, Marc Paterno, Martin Sebor, Mike Miller, Peter Dimov, Steve Adamczyk.

My apologies to anyone whose name didn’t get on this list. Any omissions are entirely accidental.