Document number: N2364=07-224

Alisdair Meredith

Development of C++ Standard C++ Library Technical Report no. 1

This paper presents a quick summary of all papers submitted to WG21 in the development of the first C++ Standard Library Technical Report. It is intended to document the history of the proposals, and to capture their rationale.

All papers are incorporated into the last draught of Library Technical Report 1, N1836.

Key to the tables

Papers have been grouped in a self-selecting manner as either new components or updates. Proposals for new components have a series of papers describing thier evolution, and only the right-most paper is relevant (and the one applied to the working paper by committee vote.) The 'update' papers are grouped according to the feature they are updating, and mostly apply updates to the component papers after acceptance into the working paper.
WG21 Number(s) Title Authors
New Library Components in TR1
Proposals for new library features for the Technical Report.
N1326 N1399 N1443 N1456 A Proposal to Add Hashtables to the Standard Library Matt Austern
N1345 N1424 A Proposal to add Type Traits to the Standard Library John Maddock
N1354 N1372 N1503 N1568 Proposed C99 Library Additions to C++ P.J. Plauger
N1375 N1402 A Proposal to add a Polymorphic Function Object Wrapper to the Standard Library Doug Gregor
N1437 N1454 A uniform method for computing function object return types Douglas Gregor
N1382 N1403 Proposal for adding tuple type into the standard library Jaakko Järvi
N1386 N1429 A Proposal to add Regular Expression to the Standard Library John Maddock
N1398 N1452 A Proposal to Add an Extensible Random Number Facility to the Standard Library Jens Maurer
N1422 N1514 N1542 A Proposal to Add Mathematical Special Functions to the C++ Standard Library Walter E. Brown
N1502 Proposed Signature Changes for Special Math Functions in TR-1 P.J. Plauger
N1431 N1450 A Proposal to Add General Purpose Smart Pointers to the Library Technical Report P. Dimov, B. Dawes, G. Colvin
N1436 N1453 A proposal to add a reference wrapper to the standard library Doug Gregor, Peter Dimov
N1432 A Proposal to Add an Enhanced Member Pointer Adaptor to the Library Technical Report Peter Dimov
N1438 N1455 A Proposal to Add an Enhanced Binder to the Library Technical Report P. Dimov, D. Gregor, J. Järvi, G. Powell
N1479 N1548 A Proposal to Add a Fixed Size Array Wrapper to the Standard Library Technical Report Alisdair Meredith
Updates Adopted during TR1
Updates to libraries after they were voted into the Technical Report.
N1549 Const correctness in unordered associative containers Matt Austern
N1622 Resolutions to unordered associative container issues Matt Austern
N1508 Proposal to add Deletion Traits to the Standard Library only has_virtual_destructor accepted Bronek Kozicki
N1519 Type Traits Issue List John Maddock
N1713 Proposed Resolution to TR1 Issues 3.12, 3.14, and 3.15 Pete Becker
N1667 Accessing the target of a tr1::function object Douglas Gregor
N1673 Unifying TR1 Function Object Type Specifications P. Becker,P. Dimov
N1499 Simplifying Interfaces in basic_regex Pete Becker
N1500 Regular Expressions: Internationalization and Customization Pete Becker
N1507 Errata to the Regular Expression Proposal John Maddock
N1551 Changes to N1540 to Implement N1499 Parts 1 and 2 Pete Becker
N1623 Resolutions to regular expression issues Matt Austern
N1535 Random Number Generators Issues List Pete Becker
N1544 Comments about Issues with Random Number Generators Jens Maurer
N1547 Comments on the Initialization of Random Engines Marc Paterno
N1609 More on Issues with Random Number Generators in the Library TR Proposal Jens Maurer
N1621 Resolution to TR issue 4.37 Jens Maurer
N1570 Corrections to domain-error reporting for TR1 chapter on special math functions P.J. Plauger
N1665 Guidelines for Domain Errors in Mathematical Special Functions J. Marraffino,M. Paterno
N1697 Restrictions on Order Parameters for Bessels and Other Function Families P.J. Plauger
N1884 Further Restrictions on Special Math Functions P.J. Plauger, C. Walker
N1590 Smart Pointer Comparison Operators Peter Dimov
N1624 Resolutions to fixed-size array issues Matt Austern
N1723 Proposed Resolutions to Library TR Issues Matt Austern
Proposals Removed from TR1
While these proposals were actively considered for TR1, and at one point included in the working draught, they were ultimately taken out as 'not ready'. It is expected that much of this material will be presented in another form for future standards work.
N1476 N1530 N1641 Iterator Facade and Adaptor D. Abrahams, J. Siek, T. Witt
N1477 N1531 N1550 N1640 New Iterator Concepts D. Abrahams, J. Siek, T. Witt
N1558 N1575 Library Technical Report Component Detection Beman Dawes