Document number: N2183=07-0043

Howard E. Hinnant

Issues From Batavia

We looked at the following issues at Fermilab and moved them to Tentatively Ready. In some cases the Tentatively Ready means that we would like the LWG to move them to Ready at the Oxford meeting, to be voted into the WP at Oxford. In other cases we reccommend the status be moved to Dup or NAD. This paper enumerates the issues, and the desired outcomes. Details are found in the issues list.

Issues to be moved to Ready

Each of the issues below has a proposed resolution which we recommend be moved into the WP.

201 Numeric limits terminology wrong
206 operator new(size_t, nothrow) may become unlinked to ordinary operator new if ordinary version replaced
233 Insertion hints in associative containers
254 Exception types in clause 19 are constructed from std::string
258 Missing allocator requirement
416 definitions of XXX_MIN and XXX_MAX macros in climits
422 explicit specializations of member functions of class templates
456 Traditional C header files are overspecified
471 result of what() implementation-defined
534 Missing basic_string members
542 shared_ptr observers
559 numeric_limits<const T>
575 the specification of ~shared_ptr is MT-unfriendly, makes implementation assumptions
576 find_first_of is overconstrained
578 purpose of hint to allocator::allocate()
586 string inserter not a formatted function
589 Requirements on iterators of member template functions of containers
609 missing static const
610 Suggested non-normative note for C++0x
611 Standard library templates and incomplete types
613 max_digits10 missing from numeric_limits
616 missing 'typename' in ctype_byname
619 Longjmp wording problem

Issues to be moved to Dup

Each of the issues below indicate a link to a duplicate issue.

479 Container requirements and placement new
536 Container iterator constructor and explicit convertibility

Issues to be moved to NAD

We recommend each of the issues below be moved to NAD. Note that for some of the issues below, we recommend moving the proposed resolutions into the WP, but believe the resolution is editorial. Each issue specifies our exact recommendation.

385 Does call by value imply the CopyConstructible requirement?
463 auto_ptr usability issues
466 basic_string ctor should prevent null pointer error
470 accessing containers from their elements' special functions
482 Swapping pairs
515 Random number engine traits
526 Is it undefined if a function in the standard changes in parameters?
532 Tuple comparison
547 division should be floating-point, not integer
553 very minor editorial change intptr_t / uintptr_t
560 User-defined allocators without default constructor
571 Update C90 references to C99?
572 Oops, we gave 507 WP status
591 Misleading "built-in
594 Disadvantages of defining Swappable in terms of CopyConstructible and Assignable
615 Inconsistencies in Section 21.4