Doc No:    J16/07-0028
                                     Date:      2007-01-14
                                     Project:   Programming Language C++
                                     Reply to:  Robert Klarer
                                                IBM Canada, Ltd.

                      July 2007 Meeting of WG21/J16
                           Travel Information

The meeting will be located at the IBM Toronto Software Lab in
Markham, Ontario, Canada during the week beginning Sunday, July 15th.
This will be a five-day meeting.  Friday will be a full day.

1. Currency
Prices in this document will be stated in Canadian dollars (CAD).
On January 12, the Canadian dollar was equivalent in value to EUR 0.66,
GBP 0.44, or USD 0.86. 

2. Meeting location

The IBM Toronto Software Lab ("the Lab") is located in Markham, a suburb
northeast of Toronto.

IBM Toronto Software Lab
8200 Warden Avenue
Markham, Ontario
L6G 1C7

3. The hotel

The hotel is adjacent to the site of the Lab.  The trip between the two
buildings is an easy walk across the IBM parking lot, but look out
for belligerent geese.

Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre & Spa
8500 Warden Avenue
Markham, Ontario
L6G 1A5
Tel: (905) 470 8500
Fax: (905) 477 8611
hotel website

Standard accommodation at the Hilton is a two-room suite.

The room rate for meeting attendees is CAD 133.00.  This includes overnight
parking.  Suites are blocked under the name "WG21."

Internet connectivity is available in every suite, and it's free.

4. The airport

Air travel into Toronto should use Toronto-Pearson International
Airport (YYZ).

The easiest means of transportation from Pearson to the hotel is airport
limousine or taxi.  You can pick up a limousine from the queue at arrivals,
or you can make arrangements in advance.  You should expect to pay
CAD 55.00 for a one-way trip.

Aerofleet Services
(800) 268-0905

To drive from the airport to the hotel, you have two choices:
1) take Highway 401 East to 404 North to Highway 7 East (Markham Road) to  
   Warden Avenue, or
2) take Highway 427 to Highway 407 East to Warden Avenue North

Route 2 is probably the quickest and least hectic of the two, but be
aware that Highway 407 is a toll road.  The toll will be assessed
automatically, and the car rental agency will apply it to your credit card
retroactively.  Some rental agencies allow you to request a car that is
equipped with a 407 transponder.  Tolls are higher for cars that are not
so equipped.

5. Car rental

A rental car is not a strict necessity, but we will be in the suburbs, so
it might help -- if only to broaden the variety of dining options available
to you.

The following rental companies have kiosks at the airport:

Aviscar Inc.                            National Car Rental                  
(800) 879-2847                          (800) 227-7368
Terminal 1 (905) 676-1036/37            Terminal 1 (905) 676-2647
Terminal 2 (905) 676-1032/33            Terminal 2 (905) 676-2648
Terminal 3 (905) 676-1034/35            Terminal 3 (905) 676-4000

Budget Car and Truck Rentals            Hertz Canada Ltd.                
Terminal 1 (905) 676-0311               (800) 263-0600
Terminal 2 (905) 676-1500               Terminal 1, 2, 3 (416) 674-2020
Terminal 3 (905) 676-0522

Thrifty Canada Ltd.
(800) 847-4389
Terminal 1 (905) 673-8811 ext 6256
Terminal 2 (905) 673-8811 ext 6242
Terminal 3 (905) 673-8811 ext 6252

Traffic regulations in Ontario are the same as in most US states.
Right turns are permitted on red lights at any intersection that doesn't
have a sign that explicitly indicates otherwise.  

If you're driving in downtown Toronto, watch for one-way streets and
dedicated streetcar and bus lanes.  Left turns, right turns,
or both are prohibited at some intersections on a few downtown arteries;
watch for the signs.  Do not pass a stationary streetcar on the right if
its doors are open, and don't pull up on the right beside a streetcar that
has stopped to collect or drop off passengers.  Instead, stop behind the
streetcar's rear doors until they have closed.

6. Dining

IBM will be providing a complimentary lunch to meeting attendees Monday to

The Hilton offers four dining options: a jazz bar with a tapas menu, a
clubhouse-style restaurant for casual meals in the spa area, fine Asian
cuisine at "Empire Court," and Western cuisine at "Essence of

We'll prepare a list of recommended local restaurants and make it
available prior to the meeting.

7. Selected web sites


Toronto Transit Commision route and fare information:

Toronto entertainment/alternative weekly newspapers:


Visual Arts: