Editor's Report

Document number:  N2133=06-0203
Date:   2006-11-03
Project:   Programming Language C++
Reference:   ISO/IEC IS 14882:2003(E)
Reply to:   Pete Becker
  Roundhouse Consulting, Ltd.

N2134=06-0204, Working Draft, Standard for Programming Language C++, contains the working draft of the standard, with all of the changes approved at the Portland meeting other than LWG DR 531. It also has a reorganization of the introductory material in the discussions of char_traits and basic_string, to clearly separate descriptive text from requirements.

In most cases, code snippets that changed do not have change markers. It is generally clear from context which ones changed. The material on random number generators also does not have change bars. The changes are tracked in N2111 and its predecessors.



Thanks to Walter Brown, Howard Hinnant, and Mike Miller for proofreading the new working draft.