Doc No: SC22/WG21/N2109 J16/06-0179 Date: 2006-11-04 Project: JTC1.22.32 Reply to: Robert Klarer IBM Canada, Ltd.

Minutes of ISO WG21 Meeting, October 15, 2006

1. Opening and introductions

Sutter called the meeting to order at 18:05(GMT-08:00) on October 15, 2006. Five countries were represented.

1.1 Welcome from host

Clark Nelson, speaking on behalf of Intel, discussed arrangements for this meeting.

1.2 Roll call of technical experts

Name Country HOD?
Pete Becker USA
John Benito (WG14 Liaison)
Walter Brown USA
Gabriel Dos Reis France Yes
Lois Goldthwaite UK Yes
Barry Hedquist USA Yes
Howard Hinnant USA
Robert Klarer Canada Yes
Alisdair Meredith UK
Clark Nelson (host)
Tana Plauger USA
Tom Plum USA
Bjarne Stroustrup USA
Herb Sutter (Convenor)
Detlef Vollmann Switzerland Yes

1.3 Adopt agenda

The agenda is document J16/06-0089 = WG21/N2019.

Agenda adopted by unanimous consent.

1.4 Select drafting committee.

Adamczyk, Dos Reis, Brown, and Hinnant were named to the drafting committee.

1.5 Approve minutes from last meeting

The minutes from the last meeting are recorded in document J16/06-0062 = WG21/N1992.

Klarer proposed to amend the minutes from the last meeting as follows:
Section 1, "Opening and introductions" reads "Sutter called the meeting to order at 16:00(GMT+01:00) on October 2, 2006." This date is incorrect and should be changed to April 2, 2006.

Approved as amended by unanimous consent.

1.6 Review action items from previous meeting

Action items from previous meeting:

  1. Sutter to remove item "2.2.4, MISRA report" from the agenda -- DONE.
  2. Sutter to add 2.2.4 OWG Vulnerabilities Liaison Report to the agenda -- DONE.

2. Status, liaison, and action item reports

2.1 Small group status reports

deferred to Monday session.

2.2 Liaison Reports

2.2.1 SC22 report

Benito reported that SC22 has worked very hard on new wording to make all Type 2 TRs publicly available for free.

Dos Reis asked whether the technical content C TRs will be considered for inclusion (possibly by reference) in C++.

Benito responded that he hoped so, and went on to mention plans for a second TR on bounds-checking interfaces.

Plum indicated that it was too late to consider these items for inclusion in C++0x.

Meredith asked about the deadline for proposals to library TR2.

Hinnant replied that this will be the last meeting at which new proposals to TR2 will be received, but there will be a TR3.

Sutter explained that, assuming there is no controversy that delays publication, to have a standard before the end of 2009, the committee must meet the following deadlines:

  1. October 2008 FDIS
  2. October 2007 FCD

2.2.2 SC22/WG14 (C) report

deferred to Monday session.

2.2.3 TG5 (C++ CLI) report

deferred to Monday session.

2.2.4 Vulnerabilities OWG report

deferred to Monday session.

3. New Business

3.1 Defect Report procedures

deferred to Monday session.

3.2 Library TR status and planning

deferred to Monday session.

4. Review and approve resolutions and issues

5. Closing process

5.1 Establish next agenda

5.2 Future meetings

April 15-20, Oxford UK.
This is the weekend after Easter and Passover.

September 30 - Oct 5, Kona HI.
Oct 6 is also available for a Saturday session.

5.3 Future mailings

deferred to Friday session.

5.4 Review action items

There are no outstanding action items.

5.5 Any other Business


5.6 Thanks to host

See Friday session.

5.7 Recess