Doc No: SC22/WG21/N1992 J16/06-0062 Date: 2006-04-02 Project: JTC1.22.32 Reply to: Robert Klarer IBM Canada, Ltd.

Minutes of ISO WG21 Meeting, April 2, 2006

1. Opening and introductions

Sutter called the meeting to order at 16:00(GMT+01:00) on October 2, 2005. Nine countries were represented.

1.1 Welcome from host

Cord Wischhöefer, speaking on behalf of DIN, discussed arrangements for this meeting.

1.2 Roll call of technical experts

Name Country HOD?
Steve Adamczyk USA
Pete Becker USA
Jon Benito (WG14 Liaison)
Steve Clamage USA
Gabriel Dos Reis France
Francis Glassborow UK Yes
Lois Goldthwaite UK
Barry Hedquist USA Yes
Howard Hinnant USA
Robert Klarer Canada Yes
Dietmar Kühl Germany
Thorsten Ottosen Denmark Yes
Tana Plauger USA
Tom Plum USA
Valentin Samko UK
Georges Schumacher France Yes
Herb Sutter (Convenor)
Detlef Vollmann Switzerland Yes
Cord Wischhöfer Germany

1.3 Adopt agenda

The agenda is document J16/05-01777 = WG21/N1917.

Agenda adopted by unanimous consent.

1.4 Select drafting committee.

Clamage, Dos Reis, and Hinnant were named to the drafting committee.

1.5 Approve minutes from last meeting

Approved by unanimous consent.

1.6 Review action items from previous meeting

Action items from previous meeting:

  1. Sutter is to update item 2.1, "Small Group Status Reports," in future agenda to read "deferred to Monday session." -- DONE.
  2. Sutter is to update item 3.2, "Library TRs status and planning," in future agenda to read "deferred to Monday session." -- DONE.
  3. Sutter is to change item 5.7, "Adjournment," in future agenda to "Recess." -- DONE.
  4. Sutter is to request permission from JTC1 to appoint a liaison to MISRA. -- No longer necessary.
  5. Nelson is to review the reflector membership lists. -- DONE.
On Action Item number 4, above: Sutter heard no further requests from WG21 members after the Mt. Tremblant meeting for an official liaison to MISRA. Richard Corden and Derek Jones have been able to participate without impediment.

2. Status, liaison, and action item reports

2.1 Small group status reports

deferred to Monday session.

2.2 Liaison Reports

2.2.1 SC22 report

Sutter reports:

Library TR1 is due to be published in its final form very soon.

Jon Benito will chair the ISO Other Working Group (OWG) on "Avoiding Programming Language Vulnerabilities." He will also be co-convenor.

Benito noted that information about OWG: Vulnerabilities is available in WG14 document WG14/N1163, and indicated his expectation that the group will produce a document that deals with language-independent technical issues. Benito then invited participation from WG21 members.

2.2.2 SC22/WG14 (C) report

deferred to Monday session.

2.2.3 TG5 (C++ CLI) report

deferred to Monday session.

2.2.4 MISRA report

There is no liaison, so this item will be removed from future agendas.

3. New Business

3.1 Defect Report procedures

deferred to Monday session.

3.2 Library TR status and planning

deferred to Monday session.

4. Review and approve resolutions and issues

5. Closing process

5.1 Establish next agenda

Remove 2.2.4, MISRA report. Add 2.2.4 OWG Vulnerabilities Liaison Report.

5.2 Future meetings

The following meeting will take place during the week of October 14, 2006, in Portland, OR. The meeting hosts are Intel and ANSI.

Plum is organizing TG5 Liaison meetings on the Friday afternoon immediately following each of these two meetings. Plum notes that WG21/J16 members can submit comments to TG5 through WG21 itself, or through their National Body. Those members that chose to submit a comment through their NB should ensure that that NB is represented at the TG5 Liaison in Portland.

For the Spring 2007 meeting, the UK has expressed an interest in hosting the meeting. Larger companies are invited to offer financial assistance.

WG14 has already been exploring the possibility of meeting at BSI headquarters. WG21 is too big to meet at BSI.

The tentative location for the Fall 2007 meeting is Kona HI, possibly during the week of September 21st.

5.3 Future mailings

deferred to Friday session.

5.4 Review action items

  1. Sutter to remove 2.2.4 MISRA liaison report.
  2. Sutter to add 2.2.4 OWG Vulnerabilities liaison report.

5.5 Any other Business

Vollmann raised a concern about future plans for C++ after the publication of the C++0X standard, and requested a discussion on this subject during the joint session. Goldthwaite and Dos Reis supported Vollman's comments.

5.6 Thanks to host

5.7 Recess