WG14/WG21 Meeting April 2002

Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles

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Quick Overview


JTC1/SC22/WG14 - C:     April 15th  2002 - April 19th 2002
JTC1/SC22/WG21 - C++: April 22nd 2002 - April 26th 2002


Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort,
Curaçao Netherlands Antilles
South Caribbean


Company: AtosOrigin
Contact: Randy Marques - email: mailto:Randy.Marques.hp@nl.origin-it.com

Hotel and Venue

Curaçao Marriott Beach Resort
Piscadera Bay, P.O. Box 6003, Curaçao
Phone: 5999-736-8800 Fax: 5999-462-7502

15 minute drive from the airport (Hato)

Meeting Rooms

Guest Rooms

Curaçao Marriott's WebPage


Map of Caribean The island of Curaçao is located to the south of the Caribbean.
Formerly a Dutch colony, it is now a part of the Dutch Kingdom.


Tropical - Desert with fresh sea-breeze
Day temperature: 89°F/32°C - Low Humidity
Night temperature: 73°F/23°C
North-East Trade Wind


Everyone speaks: Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish


Antillian Guilder: 1 ANG = 0.56180 USD; 1 USD = 1.78000 ANG
Dollars accepted everywhere, often at better rate.
Creditcards accepted in stores and restaurants
ATMs located on many places



Getting There

(Data per August 2001)
North America
Airline Originates Frequency Stop Equipment
American Airlines Miami Daily Non B 727
Air ALM Miami 6x week / 2x day Non M80
Air ALM Miami 1x week / 2x day Bonaire M80
Canada 3000 Toronto 1x week Non A-320
Alegro Boston 1x week Non B 727
South America
Airline Originates Frequency Stop Equipment
Air ALM Valencia 7x week Non DH8
Air ALM Valencia 6x week Non M80
Air ALM Maracaibo 2x week / 2x day Non DH8
Air ALM Maracaibo 1x week Non DH8
Air ALM Caracas Daily / 2x day Non DH8
Air ALM Caracas 6x week Non DH8
Air ALM Caracas 2x week Non M80
Aeropostal Caracas 5x week Non DC-9
Air ALM Paramaribo 2x week Non M80
SLM Paramaribo 2x week Non B 727
Avianca Bogota 2x week Non M80
Airline Originates Frequency Stop Equipment
KLM Amsterdam 7x week Non MD-11
KLM Amsterdam 1x week St. Martin B 747
KLM Amsterdam 3x week Aruba B 747
KLM Amsterdam 2x week Bonaire B 747
Air ALM Amsterdam 3x week Non B 767
Air Holland Amsterdam 1x week Azores B 757
Airline Originates Frequency Stop Equipment
Air ALM Aruba Daily / 5x day Non DH8
Air ALM Aruba 1x week Non DC-9
American Eagle San Juan 4x week Non ATR-72
Air ALM San Juan 3x week Non DH8
Air ALM Kingston/POP 4x week Non M80
Air ALM Port au Spain 4x week Non M80
Air ALM St. Domingo 4x week Non M80

Hotel Reservations

$135,= per room per day (double occupancy) (excl. tax etc)
On conference days an additional $10,= will be added (incl. tax etc) to take care of coffe, tea, etc
I am working on vouchers for lunch (price to be specified).
Cutoff Date: 4th March 2002 - Reservations only guaranteed if booked before this date!

Internet connections will be by cable in conference room and optional (for an extra fee) wireless on the whole hotel area.
People who want to make a lot of long-distance phonecalls may get a special reduced rate if things are arranged beforehand.

I will set up a registration page on this website (asap)
The idea is that everone arranges the hotel themselves and send me a copy of the days (and number of people).
I will maintain this as a list on the website, so that both the hotel and the attendees will be able to verify that we all agree on the data.


Your Host

AtosOrigin Logo Atos Origin
Technical Automation - In-Product Software
Randy Marques - CASE Consultant
De Run 1121, 5503 LB Veldhoven, The Netherlands
P.O. Box 939, 5600 AX Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)40 2586829
Fax:     +31 (0)40 2537313
E-mail: mailto:Randy.Marques.hp@atosorigin.com