N1265 2007/10/02 Peterson, Number of exponent digits with a,A format specifier for decimal float
N1266 2007/10/08 Seymour, C++ Concurrency related liaison
N1267 2007/10/08 Hedquist, final minutes for London April 2007
N1268 2007/10/08 Stoughton, LF Linux report
N1269 2007/10/08 Plaugher, C/C++ threads library
N1270 2007/10/11 Hedquist, Draft minutes for October 2007
N1271 2007/10/10 Tydeman, fpclasify with Deciaml/Binary floating-point
N1272 2007/10/10 Stoughton, Liaison statement to Austin Group
N1273 2007/10/11 Stoughton, Attributes
N1274 2007/10/11 Stoughton, Threads liasion statement to WG21
N1275 2007/10/01 Wakker, TR 18037 (for SC 22 review)
N1276 2007/11/08 Boehm, A Less Formal Explanation of the Proposed C++ Concurrency Memory Model
N1277 2007/11/10 Benito, Preliminary Agenda for April 2008