N1032 21-Oct-2003 Benito, Final (corrected) Minutes for Oxford 31 March-04 April 2003
N1033 24-Oct-2003 Hedquist, Minutes, Kona October 2003
N1034 21-Oct-2003 Simonsen, WG20 liaison report
N1035 24-Oct-2003 Mori, Disposition of Comments for SC 22 N3579 (N1026)
N1036 29-Oct-2003 Meyers, Presentation slides for secure C Library,
N1037 25-Oct-2003 Cowlishaw, Presentation slides for Decimal Floating-point
N1038 07-Nov-2003 Benito, Disposition of comments for SC22 N3210 (C Locale).
N1039 24-Nov-2003 Benito, Preliminary Agenda for April 2004, Sydney Australia
N1040 07-Nov-2003 Mori, DTR 19769
N1041 08-Nov-2003 Simonsen, I18N APIs, Kona presentation.
N1042 08-Nov-2003 Benito, C locale, Narrative Cultural Specification
N1043 08-Nov-2003 Benito, C Standard Locale
N1044 17-Nov-2003 Meyers, New work item proposal for secure C Library functions.