Defect Report #206

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Submitter: Clive Feather (UK)
Submission Date: 1999-09-13
Reference Document: ISO/IEC WG14 N892
Version: 1.4
Date: 2001-09-18 14:47:00
Subject: Default argument conversion of float _Complex

For consistency with real floating types, the type float _Complex should be promoted by the default argument promotions to double _Complex.

Suggested Technical Corrigendum
Change in part, from:

and arguments that have type float are promoted to double.


and arguments that have a corresponding real type of float are promoted, without change of type domain, to a type whose corresponding real type is double.

Committee Response
This was intentional because real float promotion to double is in Standard C purely for compatibility with K&R. Since complex is new, that compatibility is not an issue, and having it behave like real float would introduce undesired overhead (and be less like Fortran).

The following words were added the Rationale.

float _Complex is a new type with C99. It has no need to preserve promotions needed by pre-ANSI-C. It does not break existing code.

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