Defect Report #060

Submission Date: 19 Jul 93
Submittor: Project Editor (P.J. Plauger)
Source: Larry Jones
When an array of char (or wchar_t) is initialized with a string literal that contains fewer characters than the array, are the remaining elements of the array initialized?
Subclause 6.5.7 Initialization, page 72, only says (emphasis mine):
If there are fewer initializers in a brace-enclosed list than there are members of an aggregate, the remainder of the aggregate shall be initialized implicitly the same as objects that have static storage duration.
In subclause 6.5.7, page 72, the penultimate paragraph of Semantics (before Examples), add after the comma:
or fewer characters in a string literal or wide string literal used to initialize an array of known size, and elements of character or wchar_t type
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