Pre Pittsburgh 2018 Documents

Date: 2018-10-14

N2265 2018/07/07 Ballman, The maybe_unused attribute (updating N2217)
N2266 2018/07/11 Ballman, The deprecated attribute (updating N2214)
N2267 2018/07/07 Ballman, The fallthrough attribute (updating N2216)
N2268 2018/07/07 Ballman, The nodiscard attribute (updating N2215)
N2269 2018/07/07 Ballman, Attributes in C (updating N2165)
N2270 2018/07/07 Ballman, Harmonizing static_assert with C++ (updating N2197)
N2271 2018/07/07 Thomas, CR for pow divide-by-zero case
N2272 2018/07/07 Thomas, P1 CR for remainder NaN case
N2273 2018/07/07 Thomas, Min-max functions
N2274 2018/07/07 Thomas, Augmented arithmetic functions
N2275 2018/07/07 Thomas, C support for IEEE 754-201x
N2276 2018/07/07 Thomas, June 2018 CFP teleconference minutes
N2277 2018/07/07 Thomas, July 2018 CFP teleconference agenda
N2278 2018/07/11 Yodaiken, Proposal to clarify undefined behavior range for implementations
N2279 2018/07/11 Yodaiken, Proposal to make aliasing consistent
N2280 2018/07/11 Yodaiken, Proposal to limit optimization to C semantics
N2281 2018/07/31 Krause, Make mblen, mbtowc, and wctomb thread-safer
N2282 2018/07/31 Krause, Additional multibyte/wide string conversion functions
N2283 2018/08/12 Tydeman, printf of one-digit character string
N2284 2018/07/31 Plakosh, Invitation to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA for the Fall 2018 WG14/PL22.11 Meetings, 2018-10-15/18
N2285 2018/08/13 Navia, Proposal for a new calling convention within the C language
N2286 2018/08/21 Keaton, Convener's Report and Business Plan
N2287 2018/08/21 Thomas, July 2018 CFP teleconference minutes
N2288 2018/08/21 Thomas, August 2018 CFP teleconference agenda
N2289 2018/09/04 Douglas, Zero overhead deterministic failure
N2290 2018/09/04 Bhakta, C2X Proposal for new string representations for NaNs
N2291 2018/09/04 Bhakta, Proposal for sub-setting _Thread_local if __STDC_NO_THREADS__ is defined
N2292 2018/09/10 Thomas, P1 CR for totalorder parameters
N2293 2018/09/17 Goldblatt, Alignment requirements for memory management functions
N2294 2018/09/20 Sewell, C Memory Object Model Study Group: Progress Report, 2018-09
N2295 2018/09/18 Thomas, August 2018 CFP teleconference minutes
N2296 2018/09/18 Thomas, September 2018 CFP teleconference agenda
N2297 2018/10/14 Keaton, Standing Document 3
N2298 2018/10/14 Keaton, Agenda for October, 2018
N2299 2018/10/02 Sebor, Library Functions And Compound Literals
N2300 2018/10/02 Sebor, Aliasing by String Functions
N2301 2018/10/02 Sebor, fprintf Formatting Underspecified for NaN
N2302 2018/10/02 Tydeman, nextafterl(1.L,2.L)
N2303 2018/10/14 Gustedt, intmax_t, a way out
N2304 2018/10/14 Thomas, September 2018 CFP teleconference minutes
N2305 2018/10/14 Thomas, October 2018 CFP teleconference agenda
N2306 2018/10/14 Pygott, C Safety and Security Rules Study Group – progress report October 2018