Pre London 2019 Documents

Date: 2019-04-21

N2319 2018/12/10 Tydeman, FE_TONEARESTFROMZERO w.r.t. FLT_ROUNDS
N2320 2018/12/10 Tydeman, Precision and NAN/NAN(...) and INF/INFINITY
N2321 2018/12/10 Tydeman, Nextafter/nexttoward/nextup/nextdown
N2322 2018/12/10 Tydeman, SD3 9: PreProcessor unspecified line numbers
N2323 2018/12/10 Tydeman, SD3 1: DR 440: Test macros for FP being 754 types
N2324 2018/12/10 Tydeman, SD3 13: DR 482: Macro span files: undefined
N2325 2018/12/10 Tydeman, SD3 11: Maximum normalized FP number
N2326 2018/12/10 Tydeman, Merge DR 432+467
N2327 2018/12/10 Ballman, Oct 2019 Ithaca, NY Meeting Information
N2328 2018/12/10 Gustedt, Introduce the term storage instance
N2329 2018/12/10 Gustedt, Clean up atomics
N2330 2019/01/17 Gustedt, Moving to two's complement sign representation
N2331 2019/01/17 Thomas, November 2018 CFP teleconference minutes
N2332 2019/01/17 Thomas, January 2019 CFP teleconference agenda
N2333 2019/02/03 Ballman, Querying attribute support
N2334 2019/02/03 Ballman, The deprecated attribute (updating N2266)
N2335 2019/03/11 Ballman, Attributes in C (updating N2269)
N2336 2019/02/03 Seacord, Bounds-checking Interfaces: Field Experience and Future Directions
N2337 2019/02/03 Stoughton, Proposal To Add Extended Month Name Formats to strftime()
N2338 2019/02/09 Stoughton, Error Indicator For Encoding Errors In fgetwc
N2339 2019/02/11 Thomas, January 2019 CFP teleconference minutes
N2340 2019/02/11 Thomas, February 2019 CFP teleconference agenda
N2341 2019/03/10 Thomas, TS 18661-2 plus CR/DRs for C2X
N2342 2019/03/10 Thomas, TS 18661-3 as annex
N2343 2019/03/11 Thomas, February 2019 CFP teleconference minutes
N2344 2019/03/11 Thomas, March 2019 CFP teleconference agenda
N2345 2019/03/11 Bhakta, The overloading of semi-colons in the C standard specification
N2346 2019/03/17 Gustedt, ISO/IEC 9899 working draft March 2019
N2347 2019/03/17 Gustedt, ISO/IEC 9899 working draft March 2019, diffmarks
N2348 2019/03/18 Gustedt, ISO/IEC 9899 editor report March 2019
N2349 2019/03/17 Sebor, Toward more efficient string copying and concatenation
N2350 2019/03/17 Sebor, Defining new types in offsetof
N2351 2019/03/17 Sebor, Add strnlen to C2X
N2352 2019/03/17 Sebor, Add stpcpy, and stpncpy to C2X
N2353 2019/03/17 Sebor, Add strdup and strndup to C2X
N2354 2019/03/21 Sebor, Constraints on parameters to main
N2355 2019/03/18 Thomas, C2X proposal - TS 18661-4a
N2356 2019/03/18 Thomas, update for C2X payload functions
N2357 2019/03/18 Stoughton, Change Request for fopen exclusive access
N2358 2019/03/21 Krause, No internal state for mblen
N2359 2019/04/01 Gustedt, Remove conditional "WANT" macros from numbered clauses
N2360 2019/04/01 Gustedt, Unify string representation functions
N2361 2019/04/01 Gustedt, Out-of-band bit for exceptional return and errno replacement
N2362 2019/04/02 Sewell, Moving to a provenance-aware memory model for C: proposal for C2x
N2363 2019/04/02 Sewell, C provenance semantics: examples
N2364 2019/04/02 Sewell, C provenance semantics: detailed semantics
N2365 2019/04/01 Svoboda, Defining Undefined Behavior
N2366 2019/04/01 Uecker, Improved Rules for Tag Compatibility
N2367 2019/04/01 Douglas, Enhanced C/C++ memory and object model
N2368 2019/04/02 Gustedt, Align spelling of keywords with C++ and make them feature tests
N2369 2019/04/02 McKenney, Pointer lifetime-end zap
N2370 2019/04/21 Keaton, Agenda for April, 2019
N2371 2019/04/16 Thomas, March 2019 CFP teleconference minutes
N2372 2019/04/16 Thomas, April 2019 CFP teleconference agenda