Pre London 2016 Documents

Date: 2016-03-15

N444 1995/08/04 Jaeschke, C9X Revision Charter (Revised)
N1989 2015/12/09 Melgaard, C language extension
N1990 2015/12/09 Uecker, Array Types and Bounds Checking
N1991 2015/12/09 Krause, c16rtomb() on wide characters encoded as multiple char16_t
N1992 2016/01/06 Thomas, November 2015 CFP Teleconference Minutes
N1993 2016/01/06 Thomas, January 2016 CFP Teleconference Agenda
N1994 2016/01/22 Tydeman, Integer Constant Expression
N1995 2016/01/22 Tydeman, Unwritten Assumptions About if-then
N1996 2016/01/22 Tydeman, Constraints on defined
N1997 2016/01/22 Tydeman, Missing syntax
N1998 2016/02/08 Thomas, January 2016 CFP Teleconference Minutes
N1999 2016/02/08 Thomas, February 2016 CFP Teleconference Agenda
N2000 2016/02/24 Walls, Concern with Keywords that Match Reserved Identifiers
N2001 2016/03/07 Garst, STC for DR481: Controlling Expression of _Generic Primary Expression
N2002 2016/03/07 Thomas, February 2016 CFP Teleconference Minutes
N2003 2016/03/07 Thomas, March 2016 CFP Teleconference Agenda
N2004 2016/03/07 Thomas, TS 18661-5 Update
N2005 2016/03/07 Thomas, TS 18661-5 Update - Slide Deck
N2006 2016/03/07 Pygott, ISO-IEC 17961 Potential DR and Change for C2X - Additions to 5.40
N2007 2016/03/07 Pygott, ISO-IEC 9899 Potential DR and Change for C2X - Named Child struct-union with no Member
N2008 2016/03/11 Pygott, ISO-IEC-9899 Proposed enhancement for C2X - enum Representation Type
N2009 2016/03/07 Wakker, First Pass at a LaTeX Conversion of the Standard
N2010 2016/03/08 Keaton, Technical Corrigendum 1 for ISO/IEC TS 17961
N2011 2016/03/14 Seacord, ISO/IEC TS 17961 with TC1 incorporated
N2012 2016/03/10 Sewell, Clarifying the C Memory Object Model
N2013 2016/03/10 Sewell, C Memory Object and Value Semantics: The Space of de facto and ISO Standards
N2014 2016/03/10 Sewell, What is C in Practice? (Cerberus Survey v2): Analysis of Response
N2015 2016/03/10 Sewell, What is C in practice? (Cerberus survey v2): Analysis of Responses - with Comments
N2016 2016/03/14 Fomitchev, Adding Fundamental Type for Short Float
N2017 2016/03/11 Nelson, Programming language C - Extensions for parallel programming - Part 1: Thread-based parallelism
N2018 2016/03/11 Pygott, ISO/IEC TR 24772-3 Guidance to avoiding vulnerabilities in programming languages - Part 3 - Vulnerability descriptions for the programming language C
N2019 2016/03/14 Garst, Revised Proposal for DR469
N2020 2016/03/14 Keaton, Updated Standing Document
N2021 2016/03/14 Keaton, Preliminary C2x Charter
N2022 2016/03/14 Keaton, Agenda for April 2016
N2023 2016/03/14 Hedquist, Comma omission and comma deletion