Pre Batavia Mailing

Date: 2010-10-11

N1506 2010/07/09 Benito, Convenor's Report and Business plan
N1507 2010/08/18 Crowl, C and C++ Alignment Compatibility
N1508 2010/08/18 Crowl, C++ liasion statement to C on Atomics
N1509 2010/09/02 Walls, Optimizing away infinite loops
N1510 2010/09/02 Tydeman, register has no effect on behaviour
N1511 2010/09/23 Thomas, Clarifications for wide evaluation
N1512 2010/09/23 Thomas, N1181 follow up
N1513 2010/09/23 Thomas, Exceptional conditions vs floating-point exceptions
N1514 2010/09/23 Thomas, Conditional normative status for Annex G
N1515 2010/09/23 Thomas, Fix for Annex F pow special case
N1516 2010/10/04 Jones, Working Draft
N1517 2010/10/04 Jones, Editor's Report
N1518 2010/10/04 Nelson, Recommendations for extended identifier characters for C and C++
N1519 2010/10/11 Douglas, Latency Reducing Memory Allocation in the C standard library
N1520 2010/10/08 Nelson, Fixing the rules for type-based aliasing
N1521 2010/10/11 Boehm, Threads API Improvements and Issues
N1522 2010/10/11 Garst, Atomic Refinements
N1523 2010/10/11 Benito, Agenda for November 2010
N1524 2010/10/11 Plum, Using specifier, not qualifier, for _Atomic