Post Virtual Oct 2020 Documents

Date: 2020-11-16

N2614 2020/11/16 Keaton, Revised Agenda for November/December, 2020
N2613 2020/11/16 Keaton, Required JTC 1 Summary of ISO and IEC Codes of Conduct
N2612 2020/11/09 Wunsch, C23 proposal: formatted input/output of binary integer numbers
N2611 2020/11/09 Keaton, C23 Charter Revised with Proposed Schedule
N2610 2020/11/09 Keaton, Proposed C23 Schedule
N2609 2020/11/09 Keaton, WG 14 Convener's Report and Business Plan
N2608 2020/11/09 Keaton, Agenda for November/December, 2020
N2607 2020/11/01 Uecker, Compatibility of Pointers to Arrays with Qualifiers (updates N2497)
N2606 2020/11/01 Ballman, Digit separators
N2605 2020/11/01 Svoboda, WG14 Minutes Fall 2020
N2603 2020/11/01 Gilding, Qualifier-preserving standard library functions
N2602 2020/11/01 Thomas, C23 proposal - edits for infinity and NaN macros
N2601 2020/11/01 Thomas, C2X proposal - TS 18661-3 annex update 3
N2600 2020/11/01 Thomas, Revised N2559 update for IEC 60559 2020
N2599 2020/11/01 Ojeda, secure_clear
N2595 2020/11/13 Meneide, Restartable and Non-Restartable Functions for Efficient Character Conversions
N2594 2020/11/01 Meneide, Mixed String Literal Concatenation
N2593 2020/11/01 Meneide, Not-So-Magic: typeof() for C
N2592 2020/11/01 Meneide, Preprocessor embed
N2590 2020/11/01 Blower, Adding Fundamental Type for N-bit Integers
N2589 2020/10/18 Seacord, Defer Mechanism for C
N2588 2020/10/19 Gilding, Updated Draft Minutes for August, 2020
N2587 2020/11/01 Seacord, Specific bit-width length modifier
N2586 2020/10/18 Thomas, C2X proposal - TS 18661-3 annex update 2
N2585 2020/10/11 Thomas, October 2020 CFP teleconference agenda
N2584 2020/10/11 Thomas, September 2020 CFP teleconference minutes
N2583 2020/10/11 Meneide, C2x Working Draft - Diff Marks
N2582 2020/09/29 Keaton, Agenda for October, 2020
N2581 2020/10/04 Gilding, Draft Minutes for August, 2020
N2580 2020/10/04 Tydeman, DFP triples
N2579 2020/10/04 Thomas, C2X proposal - TS 18661-3 annex update 2
N2578 2020/10/04 Thomas, TS 18661-3 annex update - slide deck
N2577 2020/10/04 Sewell, A Provenance-aware Memory Object Model for C
N2576 2020/09/29 Krause, Character handling for freestanding implementations
N2575 2020/10/04 Pygott, Proposed enhancement for C2X: Allowing the programmer to define the type to be used to represent an enum
N2574 2020/10/11 Meneide, C2x Working Draft - Editor's Report
N2573 2020/10/04 Meneide, C2x Working Draft
N2572 2020/10/18 Ballman, What we think we reserve